Simple AI change may improve game

Say you have 3-4 thralls following, and are out hunting food/slaying enemies. After the kill, the thralls all try to stand on what was just slayed. That “crowding” interferes with harvesting from the kill, and can make the player stuck.
If the AI can make them stand on it, the AI can also be made to make them take a step or two back from the kill after it is made. I expect this “thrall crowding” causes undue load on the CPU ( simply trying to figure out how many objects can occupy the space) just like an enormous base filled with placables. It should be an easy QoL solution, and may make the game run smoother overall.


Normally, you can have only one thrall (two with War Party), plus a mount following you at the same time. Mounts that don’t fight don’t seem to have a desire to stand on the freshly killed enemy, so it’s just the thrall(s).

And yes, I would really appreciate it if the idiot follower didn’t run to pose with their feet on the defeated enemy.

As cool as you may think it is:

(Original photo by Sami Majoinen)


What, you don’t show off your tit after a kill?

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I’d like it too if they would stop trying to stand in their kills’ guts while you try to harvest/loot them. Esp when trying to check their level, as it often stops you from checking til you move them.

Would also be nice if you didn’t have to kick them to get out of the way when they block you in narrow spaces or at doorways. Maybe a toggle option so they move aside while following similar to how Ghost Recon companions move aside as you get too close.

Heck, I’d even like a player set pathing option so that you could make some Combat Thralls and Pets do a patrol about your base instead of just standing around waiting to be assassinated, as well as make them seem more alive esp for RP purposes.

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