Simply put, Inverted Corners for Awnings

The concept is simple enough. As of right now the awning item is limited to use with singular sides or perfectly square builds. A simple item, that honestly I expected to see when Awnings were first added prerelease, is an inverted corner to allow two awnings at a 90 degree angle to meet with the downward slopes inward. Much like what one sees in a Roman interior Courtyard. Thoughts from the Community and/or Devs?


Always happy for more options. You can fit 4 awning posts in almost the same spot though back to back and side by side, like you said, square, but it does make for a pretty nice tent structure.

Just finished using awnings on my new base and I was surprised to realize these weren’t in there. Could also use inverted corner ramps and inverted corner stairs, now that I think about it…


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