[Sin][Onslaught] Mana Hungers have innate agro on Assassins

[Sin][Onslaught] Mana Hungers have innate agro on Assassins
Version: [email protected]_ConanLiveWin32_2020
Revision: 599629

When a user enters the Onslaught mode with an Assassin, when Mana Hunger dogs/hyenas appear they will have innate agro on the Sin and go for him even if other mana users are near around him and even closer.

Character: Level 80 Stygian Assassin

Steps to Reproduce.

1. Enter the Onslaught mode with an Assassin.
2. Play through the waves until Mana Hunger appear and go for the group.
3. Notice that the Mana Hungers have innate agro on Assassins and attack him instead the other mana users.

Yeah its correct that its not working properly, and the devs know about this one. Tho im pretty sure it doesnt work exactly as stated above. When we tried having assassin the manadogs went for mana-users in normal situations when the whole team was close together. What we noticed was that if the assassin was roaming for minibosses away from the group, manadogs spawning from a location closer to the assassin would go for him instead of manausers. Im pretty sure the initial aggro range of things isnt taking the whole map to account if one individual is way more close to the mobs spawnposition then the rest of the group, making it ignore the typical tank or manauser aggrolock

Yes am not 100% on steps/repro. But even when closer to the group, never got away from them from start, I often am the first target instead of healers,mages even DTs near.

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They run after Barbs too. Generally when they’re away from the group.

Probably affects rangers but who would take a ranger in there lol

I can confirm, they also go for rangers.

Is it only rogue issue though? If conq is going to be on his own near spawning mana hyenas I think they will also go for him as long as there are no mana users nearby. But I cannot confirm it, just suspicion.

Also a bit offtopic, but I think rangers are fine in OS, scatter shot with ferocity has lovely aoe dmg and if ranger is eager enough targetting far away mobs (although annoying) is possible and dishes nice dmg. Crossfire is also fine, although with 1 min cd. I don’t really feel that I am hindering group as ranger too much and I reached waves 21 with just gear from t2/t3. Perhaps I am totally wrong here.

pretty sure its because rogues usually is the one running for the minibosses solo, and when the dogs or whatever is spawning close to them, while the rest of the group is very far away, they will go for that closer target instead, so pretty sure class has nothing to do with it

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I don’t think this issue is unique to sins or even mana hungers. I find that the aggro for all mobs in onslaught is a bit wonkey.

It seems to me like the adds spawn with an initial target, and until this target is in range, they don’t swap target for anything. I’ve noticed this a lot when our group is near an adds spawn location, but proceeded to travel to a camp or boss further away, leaving the spawned adds untouched. I’ve irritated adds on tank or hit them with spells on demo, while we are travelling and they do not change target to me, not until we stop.

My suspicion is this is what’s causing the mana hungers to attack non mana users. They spawn with the same ruleset as the other mobs, i.e a random member of the group, say a rogue, and if there is not a mana user within range, they continue to stay on that rogue, or even soldier.

Just my hunch.

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An utter abomination driven by a primal, insatiable hunger for magick and sorcery, these beasts ignore standard threat rules and hunt the presence of Mage and Priest classes without prejudice. Mana Hungerers possess heightened health, evade chance, and spell resistance, and speed. Once a Mana Hungerer has locked on to its target, it will not deviate from its path unless it detects a more powerful source of sorcery, such as that from Spellweaving.

My Experience

Incoming Mana-hungerer’s arrive in range and vector to attack those ACTIVELY healing and/or dealing magic damage and will change aggro accordingly - think magic+healing aggro table.

Seems like range is significant because when my sin goes for mini bosses alone, spawning Mana Hungerers aggo immediately. If the group is near, the Hungerers ignore and run to a caster.

The problem even without that guilty is that they attack sins even if the sin is not doing any dmg. Also you can pull of mages with a simple Swift Strike combo even.

Confirm, got the mana hungerer attacking my assassin yesterday. It spawned and aggroed on me instantly, even before taking any damage or taunt.

Avende, were there other magic users near you?

The only time it happened for me is when one player was very far away from the rest of the group, and the manadogs spawned on that position, having only that player in its “innate aggro range” to chose from. That thing happened whatever class doing that. The same thing happens with normal waves if they spawn close to the solo person on the other side of the map.

Its probably the same bug that happens on the sand-wall in the southeast in the group is all the way west when trash spawns from there. They dont have anything to aggro so they just stand there untill something enters their “aggro-lockon range”


In that particular case no, I was far away from the rest of the party.

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