BUGS Followers II Testlive patch

Here follows bugs that I encounter on the Testlive PVE-C EU server. (Ping 170-200)

Aggro range and behavior of npcs

  • The npcs will aggro towards other npcs instead of my character and prioritize them or my horse. Around the mounds area and especially in the volcano. The Emissary of Haon-Dor was the worst where she attacked all surrounding npcs and aggroed from very far towards them ignoring me. When I was knocking out a Berserker he mostly ignored me blade drawn but seldom attacking, on my way back a fighter 3 just walked past me sword drawn but on his own mission :laughing:

Volcano npcs cannot engage on stairs

  • They all aggro if I get close (bug?) but if I move down stairs they stop and stare ready for battle but not engaging. Easy to exploit or cheese.


Side notes and Suggestions:

I lost my horse on the stairs where the npcs could not follow. I did not see it happen but he was in the lava under the stairs only his head was visible. This is an old bug and one I never (luckily) experienced until now. Just FYI.

The horses not agroing and fighting is a massive improvement, but still drawing aggro is a bit annoying. I suggest they should not draw aggro at all. As suggested in my previous post when mounts where introduced, they should be passive non aggro vehicles or beasts of burden that are kill-able. Further more I think a Witcher / Ark whistle system for mounts specifically would be great. Or to at least be able to adjust the follow distance. I want my horse close when farming but far when fighting as to not get in the way.

Sorry for not following the standard bug report layout, I tried to make the post short and to the point. Again, thank you for the hard work to get these wonderful changes in game. I will continue posting bugs and findings in this post unless asked otherwise.


While I fully agree with the bulk of your post, and somewhat the quoted part, there should be some risk to the horse, even if toned down.




Hey @Necro

Thanks for the feedback, it’s been relayed to our team.


Totally agree, I think your point is very good. I have changed my stance on this.

As I said in another post, maybe a 10% chance? I don’t know but the player dealing damage should be the priority. It’s gonna be tough to find that sweet spot though because it was quite a rush to save my steed while in the heat of battle (I get attached to them quick :sweat_smile: )

Thanks for chiming in man.

:metal: :smiling_imp:


I have massacred a couple of camps with my thrall on horse back and on foot and these changes are an overwhelmingly positive addition to the game. I am very pleased with the added control and tactics the commands usher in. Really awesome guys, well done!

So after that being said I do have some suggestions:

  • We need a “oh Scheise” button for switching from melee weapon to a truncheon on our thrall. Maybe prioritize named thralls to be knocked out instead of killed? But in the chaos of murder and mayhem it is difficult to see a named due to you having to do damage to them first to see that bar, and by that time it is too late.
  • The commands seem a bit sluggish and need to be more responsive and executed instantly. The thralls seem to have gotten an IQ boost but are still a bit slow. I am sure you guys are aware and working on tweaking that.
  • This may be a bit much but I think it would be great on the “3 tap x” command to teleport the thrall instantly back to you. Maybe also resetting whatever it was busy doing and following the next order post haste. May help with the responsiveness of the system.
  • Purely a cosmetic request but I would love to see the animation for attack or move to happen with my axe in hand. If only on horseback would be fine. And maybe only on the first command before battle. I just think it would look kick a$$ :smiling_imp:

:metal: :smiling_imp:

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