Since Archers now need Arrows, how about an arrow box?

I recognized that Archers now need Arrows if they should use other Ammo than Flinthead Arrows.
So how about an Arrow Box for Thralls like an Thrall Pot for Food?
Because it can be very time-consuming to check hundreds of thralls in lots of different Buildings across the map.


I support this idea completely.

once Food Pots are all live and without any issues, we might actually get this mechanic for other things, like you said for arrows, but even for water :slight_smile: (but that will need some prep and some might not want to have to water thralls and pets) - it could be interesting if made optional though…or even a Watering Hole well that automatically fills up over time, but also shares water like a Thrall Pot.

it actually already is quite fun to run around with the LT Farming mod, watering certain plants and putting water in modded animal pens etc, since it requires basic materials like Crystal and Glass, to make Glass Flasks, plus water sources can be hard to find in deserts, so you need to learn Mitra or something else to be able to make Wells.

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can i check if thralls currently use up (and consume) arrows when they shoot an arrow?
im sure i didnt place that many arrows in my archer’s inventories, but they still seem to be able to keep shooting.

(sometimes they switch to a shield and 1 handed weapon, but when they switch back, they still shoot) :slight_smile:

As I said, it would be better if they were engaged in optimization and construction.

If new blocks were added, people with creativity would have something to do for many thousands of hours. That would attract even more people. Now construction pushes away.

Yes, adding details and new features is good. But if you do not correct the foundation now (I am talking about a small number of various blocks for construction (geometrically)), then this will overlap. It will be more difficult to make changes.
By the way, this should have been done long ago. Now they poke that is already too difficult. Who disturbed them before? Probably money.

On the subject, the arrows remained endless. But only ordinary. Any other (sets, obsidian, poisonous) should be put in inventory. As soon as they run out, they will use regular ones.

ah thanks, i was able to observe an archer during a purge battle (level 1), and yes, they did run out, and were slowly making and shooting 1 flinthead at a time)

this is actually very good, since an archer can still use their Archery skill to make a basic arrow, and even better now i know, i can put lots of spare arrows into their inventory, and also use up more Bone that i was saving for Soups :slight_smile:

If a thrall can go to a box/pot and get food, yes referring to the feeding system, they can go to a box/pot and get more arrows.

What we need is a couple more equipment slots for asscessories. Then, you implement quivers of varying tiers and quality that hold a different amount and reduce weight. Have it so certain ones can hold more special and other hold more normal type of arrows.

Then an armory box could be made where you throw in armor and weapons. Then the thralls will take what is needed, while having a priority system in place so the named thralls choose first, then on down the list.

The quivers would help the players more by consolidating all the arrows you are carrying into a separate container.

Different bags would be great as well. Imagine having a herbalist pouch that allowed you to carry more stacks of flowers, fiber, and seeds on you that doesn’t take up one of your inventory slots. From this, you could see where different accessories would come into play.

Open up two slots for accessories and you’ll have a herbalist pouch or food bag and a quiver or a cloak.

Just saying.

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Well as long as they are spaming Arrows on Everything that moves whit no chanse to hit the ammo will run out Quick. Or make it so they onlt use the good ammo on purge or somthing…

And how does it make sense to add an item you carry that magically reduces weight of arrows? A quiver does not magically reduce gravity and in turn reduce arrow weight.

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Some Cloaks, Pouches or Backpacks would be nice. The Bearer Backpack locks horrible and some other choices would be nice too. But the devs should make a backpack slot if they add more backpacks or bags.

hmm, maybe the Archer Inventory screen which pops up, could simply have an extra inventory slot (square slot), which appears on the right side as part of the different areas, a bit like a Necklace or Amulet slot (from diablo games), and this could be where special arrows are placed.

it would simply be part of their inventory, but we could drag and drop any arrows that are more special (like maybe iron, or poison arrows or something) into that slot, and the archers can still have basic arrows in their main inventory row which pops up in the top/middle usually where all of their inventory goes.

(i say simply above, as i think the position of the slot is customisable from design point of view, but im new to modding and theres a lot more to modding than first meets the eye) :slight_smile:

theres another related thread here btw too:

Carrying anything in the correct place with the correct posture will reduce the strain on your back. In this case it’s encumbrance. When you camp and take all your gear with you, you’ll want to place the heavier items toward your waist at the bottom of your pack. This fixes your center of gravity and helps you maintain your stamina on the hike. In this game you lose stamina fast while encumbered.

Therefore it makes sense to reduce the weight of arrows in a quiver and other gear if wearing a backpack.

Or they could just have a top tier quiver be made with magic that reduces the weight drastically but gives you a permanent corruption that stays on you until you take the pack/quiver off and then watch some dancers.

Weight is still there regardless and as there isn’t magic in the game right now it still doesn’t make sense. When you ruck march 12 miles with 110lbs of gear weight is weight posture and position doesn’t remove it.

I posted an idea for this some time back; A bit more complex meant primarily to deal with the issues of javelins, but did cover arrows as well.

Here is the link: Idea to fix javelin stacking - Ammo Cases

I’m still lost on this magically reduced weight? And HOW does it make sense? Great idea on the case. Apply an id to each ammo, when used the case calls for the id, replaces the spent ammo, until emptied nice way cleaning up inventory. My one and only issue is what magical/depraved way are you getting this weight reduction and why? So players can skip out on the survival portion of having to make choices about what they carry? Or are we all getting a Bag of Holding when it is just some leather/hide sewn together? If anything it’d probably be a pound depending on the object made to carry stuff. You’d be adding weight…

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