Idea to fix javelin stacking - Ammo Cases

Recently on a live dev stream, something came up about javelin stacking. It was broken before when you could stack them and it is still broke when you can’t stack them ( mainly that once you throw your javelin its still in your hand and action bar slot till you switch to another weapon). Well here is my solution to this dilemma that might add more options for players.

Ammo cases, for JAVELINS, Arrows, Orbs and bolts (if the crossbow is ever added back into the game).

So ammo cases in nutshell by bullet point ENJOY!

  • It is a equip-able item with its own slot on the bottom right side of the character doll.

  • Each ammo type would have its own case.

  • The ammo case would have to be empty to be unequipped.

  • Ammo in the case would receive a weight reduction.

  • Ammo in the case would be cycled from Left to right until empty (Exception being orb satchel).

    • This one is a doozer; like the javelin case to use the orbs you have to equip one to your action bar, but ONLY ONE will go not the entire stack, reloaded from the ammo case not the regular inventory. The same true for Potions as well. Exception being healing wraps who would be able to take the entire stack, and be reloaded from the Orb satchel.
  • Unfortunately Arrows and orbs would receive reduced stack counts; say 40 arrows, and 15 Orbs.

  • The orb Satchel would also hold potions and healing wraps with reduced weight.

  • Quiver Progression for slots Tier 1 - three slots; Tier 2 four slots; Tier 3 - five slots.

  • Javelin Progression for slots Tier 1 - two slots; Tier 2 three Slots; Tier 3 - four slots.

  • Orb Satchel progression, - Tier 1 three slots; - Tier 2 six slots; - Tier 3 eight slots. (orb satchel gets this many do to being needed to hold potions and wraps as well).

  • Orb satchel’s official name in game should be alchemy satchel.

  • To use the javelin case, equip a javelin to the action bar, when thrown the javelin in que would be loaded into the action bar slot.

  • All ammo cases should be Fully animated to the character.

  • Javelin cases should a wooden / leather frame case slung over the shoulder setup to have the javelins drawn from the right hand.

  • Quiver and Bolt cases ( if crossbows are added again ) would worn in the small of the back.

  • The orb (alchemy) satchel would be worn on the back right hip and resemble a crude ■■■■■ pack.

Alright that’s it for now. I will catch you later when I have more ideas for this.

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this sound neat… if we can ever get support for additional slot on character equip UI or easier to mod this in.

The way im looking at it so its a separate bag with its own inventory and im guessing you want to cycle through the ammo inventory like if Index is 0 then use that ammo and have it push toward index 0 or if you wanted to cycle .

So taking arrow for example let take bone arrow and star arrow. If bone arrow is in index 0 use that ammo but when you cycle to the star arrrow. automatically you move bone arrow to the last index of the inventory and the star arrow get push to index 0. now you are equipped with star arrows.

The Alchemist Sachel would work the same way if fire orb is in index 0 … equip the fire orb etc.

And for the equipment issue they can just use attach to bone socket on the Skeletal mesh. This honestly sound like my improved pack bearer mod. it function similar just doesnt have arrow or projectile usage.

If you can find some good artist or some 3d object of the pack i can see about attempting to make a slot on the character UI, and Attempt to make a standalone Inventory UI widget. And attempt to blueprint code to make this possible.

I really like this idea.


Actually the idea is to get FUNCOM to implement it in game officially on there own since (at least I believe) the idea is good enough to merit being incorporated into the game improving the game play experience of it.

well sometime modding can inspire them to get their butt moving. Take the behive for example that was a mod first before funcom said lets add that.

its the same principle in businesses all over the world… just because on paper sound good doesnt mean they want to take the risk to develop it until the next guy get so popular that they see that it work for him, lets steal their customers… happens all the time.

I like the idea However it seems a bit too complicated to fix only javelins being useless in the current setup. Also you didnt mention throwing axes which are in the same boat. How exactly is it broken when javelins are stackable btw?

Demon Shadow first and foremost, I simply forgot throwing axes in this setup. It would receive its own ammo case line, really since its under use, It would come down to a two tier setup a two slotter and a four slotter. The item its self, would just be a leather apron worn over the left hip with loops in it to hold the axes.

Lastly when javelins were stackable, what would happen is when you had say a broken javelin, you could stack it with a not broken javelin, this would cause the javelin to cut its durability in half, effectively repairing the other javelin for free. They removed javelin stacking for this.

Lastly its not useless, and offers remedies for things in game. Mainly bombs.

I was saying that javelins and throwing axes are currently useless with the current setup. They dont deal as much damage as spears, while you cant mass throw them either with the need to equip a new one. wait if you stacked a broken one onto a full one they both became half on durability? or just the broken one? Me personally i just want to be able to throw multiples without the need to equip new ones.

I see your point the bug wasn’t a big deal when the weapon itself wasn’t potent enough to be a serious threat all in its self and rendered useless now because they fixed this bug. All I am saying is that this will fix the issues surrounding this whole thing, while giving new meta game choices for players in equipment etc. And yeah this one both throwing axes and javelins NEED a serious bump in power. I believe the ammo case idea will help that ALOT.

Bumping it because its actually a good idea.