Throwing Axes and Javelins should stack in inventory and hot bar

Can we please have throwing axes and javelins stack? The mechanic 1 axe or javelin taking up one spot on the hot bar makes them far less useful due to real estate usage and management of the hot bar. Even stacks of 10 would be a great improvement.

Arrows stack
Orb stack
Why can’t these?


You can’t stack them because they have durability. Arrows and orbs do not.

hmmm ok then what if we treat them like arrows… no longer melee (which I guess is the case why there is durability) and its ranged only.

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That is apparently not what the developers want or intend with such weapons.

Doesn’t make sense to me why they’d expect us to primarily use melee attacks with “throwing weapons” instead of the main melee weapon types out there. I don’t think it would be OP if we were allowed to stack them (assuming they shifted them to a non-durability ammo-type like arrows and orbs).

If it’s actually intended then I would at least like to hear their reasoning behind it. For now, I’m assuming (and hoping) it’s just a temporary thing while they try iron out bugs before launch.

I for one like that I can use one handed spear and shield. I like javelins the way they are. Stacking them was convenient but really not how the should be played. If you want stackable ranged that is for arrows. Javelins may be more fluff than substance, but the fact that you can stab with it and then throw it at someone running away is satisfying.

Javelins are quite good for melee. Yeah, why not, leave them with durability as they are.

Can we even strike with throwing axes tho? No? Why not stack those them eh?

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Seems reasonable. Throwing axes were never a viable melee option.

^ agree with throwing axes being stack-able, do prefer the one handed spear / javelin to stay as intended. Enjoy the shield spear combo style myself. The javelins play well, in game, as they would in real warfare. A preemptive throw prior to closing with sword.

Javelins having durability didn’t keep them from stacking them after they first did the combat system update. It was only recently that they reverted back to non-stacking.

It is not a mechanical limitation. Because javelins have durability and there are gameplay issues with being able to stack items with durability, Funcom removed the ability to stack javelins.

I think javalins shouldnt stack, but they should cripple at any time you hit with a throw, not just if you hit the legs. So you have an opportunity to catch fleeing opponents during a run easier.

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you should at the very least be able to pick them back from bodies when killed that would be fun…

They are adding throwing axes to melee combo system, at least they will be consistent with javelins now.

I wouldn’t mind them single stacking in inventory if it would automatically pull the next one to the wheel when you threw one. The same thing would be nice with explosive jars

How about instead of having the Javelin get used by throwing and then need to be picked up or re-crafted that each throw should reduce durability, giving multiple ammo for javelin throws from 1 craft without taking away the melee ability of it or requiring stacking.

Currently when you throw the javelin it is still equipped and you can do melee forever as long as you dont switch off of it, as soon as you do it disappears because it was thrown and if you picked it back up you have to drag it back to the hot bar again. The suggestion above would fix that and make the throwing useful.

your not the only one who has talked about it. I even posted an idea to solve the issue, here you go;