Since the new Age of Sorcery update my game crashes whenever I kill an animal

I’ve encountered a bug that causes my game to crash whenever I kill something especially animals. It doesn’t matter if the animals are spawned in or not.

Is this with a mod that edits the map? There are some foliages that can cause crash with attacks or interactions.

I don’t believe so but I can remove all my mods to check if that’s the issue

If it is in fact a foliage, it wouldn’t crash when not in an area where the foliage is streamed in. So it could work fine in one area, then when you hit the streaming distance of the area that has the objectionable foliage, it will then crash. A common foliage type that causes issues are the various ferns that are in the devkit that are not part of either EL or Siptah (but not exclusively ferns…). There are also lotuses that have a second type. One type is good, one is bad.

Strange I removed all my mods and now it works I just wonder which mods caused the issue.

Probably one that adds plants to the map. It could be that they added lotuses to work with the golems and added the wrong lotus; that’s my bet.

I think it might have been the Crassus mod

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