Since They Have Finally Relented

The War Chicken

Perhaps the Rooster?

Can someone let me in on the joke? Who has relented about what? And how do cyborg chickens relate to that?

The leveling announcement said Battle Chickens.


It was mentioned that with the new leveling system for pets, you could have or encounter a deadly ostrich or duckbill if stat allocation is godly.

This is conan’s battle chicken

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Wasnt it a “chicken of doom”?

Do you seriously want anyone who has played The Legend of Zelda (and was dumb enough to attack the Cucco) to suffer traumatic flashbacks with this idea? If so, I am all for it! :+1:

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Here is the exact place in the Follower Leveling System post:

Stat growths

Your Followers have a growth-curve for each stat, represented as a percentage value. This is how likely it is for the stat to level up when your follower levels up. This growth-curve is largely, but not always, the same throughout factions for humanoids/races as for animals, but you may find rare outliers that will prove to be extra useful. Keep a look out for that extra rare super-ostrich and get your own Battle Chicken!

The growth-rates make it easy to see if you really want to keep your new Follower or dismiss them.

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