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I’ve finally completed the journey on the single player game, removed the bracelet and walked off into the sunset. I was looking forward to making another character and starting over fresh but came to find that the world was still populated with all the structures my first character made. I can’t destroy them as my new character “doesn’t own them”. How can I wipe a single player game map? I’d like my next character to have a world all their own.

Make new character will wipe old save file in single player. (which will make map back to default)

Using “changing character” option in menu and "removing bracelet via end game will respawn you in that world again.

Another way, is to turn abandonment on. This will decay “other” player stuff. BUT, you’ll need remember its on. XD

On Ps4 sadly 9were my testing and were I happen upon this)

Not a whole lot stays after reusing the world.

In every test, Mostly lanterns, torches, few chest and few of thralls would remain. (thralls belong to old character, so they are aggressive if you have pvp on)

Its are for buildings to stay up, let alone parts of them.

My original plan was to build forts to attack on another character. But sadly, after several tries most of building get wiped, or mostly wiped. =/

Best i got out of it was looting some chests. =/

You should be able to destroy them by activing the admin controls and using Shift+Delete while looking at whatever it is you want gone as well.

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