Single Player Decoration/Placeables lost due to missing stability

Basic Info:

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Other
Game Mode: Co-op
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: none
Mods: none

Bug Description:

Hello, I report a bug found in my singleplayer/coop run. 40 minutes after logging, I noticed that some decorations in a building I built suddenly disappeared. Looking in the log it was written that they have lost stability. I specify that: The foundations on which the placeables were located have not suffered damage or decay; I have set as admin that there is no Decaying or any form of degradation of any kind, so I cannot explain how it could happen; The objects were not attacked, nor did meteorites fall on the location. I know that being in coop-mode I could replace the lost items and placeables, but I would like to avoid this happening again for my other structures that I have carefully built. Also I would like to know the reason and prevent it from happening again in the future.

Bug Reproduction:

When this happened, me and my companion in Co-op went from our main built village to Al-Merayah to lay siege to it. When I reconnected to the game today and came back to our village I realized that in a building almost all the decorations were missing, including a chest (full of objects) and various placeables. The log says that the objects have lost stability. Our settlement is in the north (the snowy part). At the time it happened, we were near Al-Merayah.

Thanks in advance for your attention.
Best regards


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Para facilitar a descrever existe o painel onde poderá informar melhor também seria bom ter uma gravação ou clipe se possível para comprovar as informações junto com o modo de jogo que está junto com o nome do servidor :relieved:

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Greetings @Midgard and welcome to the forums!

Can you, please, send us the save game from the day before and the one from when that happened?

Thank you in advance!


Greetings @ZahMaiatt,
Thank you for the welcome and for the reply!
I see that I cannot attach in private the backup files due to the file type. Could you please tell me how I can provide you the required save game files?
Thank you in advance

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Não irá ser enviado mas poderá enviar seguindo os passos abaixo:

1 Para enviar o arquivo “Game.db” você deverá enviar p mesmo para dentro da sua nuvem “Google Drive” ou similares

2 Copie o link do arquivo

3 Envie o link do arquivo junto com a mensagem

Somente desta forma que irá conseguir enviar o arquivo, recomendado usar o ZENDESK

OBS: Para assuntos no forum envie a mensagem privada para membros da comunidade que esteja na mesma postagem somente se solicitado :relieved:

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Hello @ZahMaiatt,
I sent the files in private.
Thanks in advance

Thank you for sharing this, @Midgard !

We have forward it to the development team so they can verify.


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