Single player keeps being unresponsive & stuck on load screen

Game mode: | Single-player)]
Type of issue: Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Server type: | PvE]
Region: Oceanic

Single player keeps being unresponsive to access into game & stuck on load screen. This has been happening often & seems to happen when i get system updates (windows, alienware). The only solution to fix it temporarily is do a clean reinstall. I shouldn’t have to do this every time when there is a system update & right now Conan Exiles is way to much trouble then what it’s worth until this gets properly resolved. I do play with mods though i have done two saved games, one with mods & one without & i still get this issue regardless. I did have all most the same issue months ago though it was resolved & the cause was anti-virus software blocking it. This isn’t the case for this as both times single player was working & i did not have it excluded & since i have excluded it & it does not help at all.

My system is Alienware m15 r2 laptop & i have Conan Exiles on an external hard drive due to my limited space. I have other games & software on the external hard drive & they all seem to be working fine.

If you’re running Conan from the external drive, that explains everything. That is the core of your issue.


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