Single Player needs love

Hello everyone

Recently I have been playing the single player, and I had a lot of fun building a tower on siptah.

What disappointed me was that I couldn’t copy my character from exile lands to siptah due to that the “copy character” fanction was not working properly so I can transfer a copy of my character to siptah. Every time I tried the process was getting timed out. On the second try my console was kicking me off the game and giving me the notification that the game’s save files got corrupted and got replaced with the save data from the psn cloud as a repair.

Also I noticed that you can’t pick your building 's pieces to rebuild your base differently or from scratch.

With the new content, will the single player get the same benefits as the online and have it’s bugs fixed ?

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Noone will ever bother fixing SP. Get in admin mode and just recreate you character from scratch.

i don’t play on console, so i cannot tell you anything about the building features there, but what i CAN tell you is that the server transfers have been disabled quite a while back and i don’t think they’re back yet, if i’m wrong here please somebody correct me.

I play single player only but on PC. Transferred my character today from exile lands to Syptah no problem. Also can pick up building peaces.

This is not a single player issue. It might be a console issue though.

Just sharing my experience because identifying the problem properly makes it more likely to be fixed.

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I already did that on siptah. But sadly the admin panel has all recipes except for the ones from curved stones on the exile lands and the siptah dungeons.

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