Singleplayer, game still running after closing client

Like said, this happened now several these last days on my singleplayer testlive where i test the purge.
When i close the client, game seems save correctly and all, but still show as running in steam, and in taskmanager. Process need be killed by taskmanager.

Bug appeared with last patch.

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Hmmm, I’m unable to reproduce this error on my end. I even can run the testlive client and the dev kit at the same time and everything closes out correctly.

I kind of recall some sort of Steam issue that I had in the past with a similar problem (different games), but I’m having trouble accessing my long storage memory banks on that one. Not sure :confused:

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I have ran into this issue a few times as well. When you bring it up in the taskmanager it shows it running as just a background process and not an app


Give it some time. CE seems to take a while to close out. I’ve seen the same thing happen with some other games that take just as long or longer to clear.

Now if you close it and go make a run to the gas station to buy a soda and some chips and come back to see that it’s still running, then there might be an issue that you’ll have to track down.

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It takes about 20-30 seconds on my high end machine till the Testlive client really shuts down. I take it easy :innocent:

I have had the same issue, but it is not only with the Solo-Player. It also does it when playing on the Test-live Servers.

I would either restart the PC or kill the process in Task Manager.

People these days are just so used to things happening instantaneously that they think something is wrong when there’s any sort of delay, even if it’s only a few seconds long. That’s why I suggested doing something else like making a soda run or picking up lunch at the drive through. Then look and see if it’s still going by the time you get back. If it is, then it’s a good bet it’s frozen and you’ve got some kind of problem.


I came back several HOURS later and it was still running.

In that case, you’ve got some sort of issue preventing it from closing properly. Something like your antivirus software interfering with it or a corrupted file somewhere or a problem with your steam client. You’re gonna have to do some troubleshooting to find it.

It only recently started doing this after the most recent Test-live update.

Which doesn’t necessarily mean anything. Not without a lot more people reporting the same problem anyway.

I’ve had this happen in server play a couple times and before the most recent patch. It prevents me from re-entering the game. However, I was unable to close it with task manager and could only stop it with a full computer reboot.

I mean, i’m not clueless, i know ■■■■■■■■■■■ a process, and reboot frequently my machine.

This issue may be a steam struggle, or any other issue hwo the game is shutting down. It happens from time to time, not at each shut-down. An other randorm thing.

And it’s new, appeared after last patch, that’s why i mention it here.

Like you know, it’s not still because somebody can’t reproduce it on it’s end that the issue doesn’t exist.

Like i describe it in an other comment, it’s happening only since last patch. And it’s an other randome thing. You may shut down you game 10x and nothing happens, but it happens from time to time, not each time you close it.

Then, yes, i imagine that you run easily the creation kit, the game, and whatever software on your end, but consider that no everybody has a machine like you own. Sorry.
Most players have let’s say more random machine they use on a daily base. :joy:

It may also be a Steam problem here, i don’t know. Steam like we know all is a beast, and has also some troubles, and they’re still also try to introduce new features.

Seems there also some other users experiencing this issue lately, so i’m not alone.

And last, sure when this happen, i know how shut down a process by tasmanager, and also how reboot my own machine. I do it several time the day, i’m sure not all will.
Killing unneeding process before performing heavy taskes seems a healty routine to me anyway.

Correct. It is totally random as far as I can tell and something that is not easily reproduced.

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Hey everyone,

Thanks for reporting your findings. We’ll inform our team about this :slight_smile:

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