Singleplayer needs a pause button!

AFAIK there is no pause button in the keybindings.

I need to be able to pause the game when someone calls me on the phone or want to use the bathroom, especially during a purge. (cuz purges always happen right when everyone wants something from me).

I kinda find it jarring to exit a game, then reload it, just because I needed to do something else right quick as so happens in life.

And, just in case someone is going to start trolling with the “Well, there is no pause button in multiplayer… it’s working as intended. You just need to plan ahead. You shouldn’t play games when people need you.” argument:

  1. It’s one of a hundred reasons I play Singleplayer.
  2. All Sandbox games I’ve played has pause in SP, including ARK.

It has one, it’s called hitting Escape and going back to the main screen.

Nobody ever reads beyond the title anymore.

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next best thing is:
`god (5 buttons tho)

Sleeping bags should be renamed to “pause button”.
This would actually make for good BadArt.

I think someone made a mod for this feature: Pause on Escape. When hitting the escape key in single player, the game would pause. Though, I’m not sure if its been updated for the Testive Build yet.

Hm. Steep water makes for a good AFK spot as well.

When safe-spots become meta to make up for a missing feature.