Someway to Pause

I bring this up because I love to remote play when I travel using the Playstation Remote Play app on my phone or the PS Vita. I use it alot, and there are times when I like to pause it, but the only way to do that is either by turning on god mode or suspending the app by bringing up Spotify or something. While I could do that, and normally I don’t mind, occassionally I get disconnected, and most games will automatically pause it when they detect that the controller is disconnected. I was wondering if that could be implemented as well, makes it very remote play friendly. :slight_smile: The game plays VERY well on remote play, devs did an amazing job.

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If you need to idle, or afk for a time, make sure that your character is protected under full shelter. Not the 90% shelter, but the 100% shelter with a roof peak.

If you are idle in full shelter, your character drastically reduces the food and water consumption. Props to @Barnes for teaching me this trick. While this isn’t an actual “game pause,” you can do this and leave the game unattended for quite some time. So long as you don’t have another player come raid you (PvP), or some other mob hazard nearby.

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