Singleplayer Thralls just vanish without a trace

Game mode: Singleplayer
Type of issue: Leveld a Tier 4 Thrall to lvl 30 to see it vanish 5 times in a row.
Server type: Singleplayer PVe

So you know you get a very good thrall. Equip the Legion Armor or whatever it is called in english. The black one who has around 500 armor. Bring the thrall to lvl 30 and make him/her a beast with all kind of resources and ton of time and than you watch him vanish into thin air because “Insert made up reason here”
After that you try it with admin commands and make a new thrall do the same because why the fudge would i grind all the materials for said armor and weapons again? And poof the thrall goes again after you took an entire day to lvl him. Do that 5 times and you get mad as f as i do.

And i dont have steps to reproduce this kind of bug. Just lvl your thrall place it in your base after you cleared a dungeon or something similar and watch the thrall vanish. Like poof. What a magic trick.

And i will never play on a server ever again so spare me your explanations on that. The amount of griefing, insults, ppl destroying or stealing your stuff for the f of it or lure something to kill you towards you is downright insane.

Not that funcom would care either way. This bug was why i quit the first time when playing singleplayer. Still not fixed.

And still no glider for the amounts of XP your thrall can make. Sorry but i am near the “f…this all” moment.

there is a follower tab in the inventory , you can open it to see the follower’s list , there is a good chance that your " vanished " thralls are listed there. in this follower tab on the right side of each name there is an " eye icon " , if you click on it , it will show on the map where your follower is ( as a small icon that looks like this :bust_in_silhouette: )

while you said you leveled your thralls to level 30 , are you playing with mods ? because the vanilla max level for thralls is 20… maybe if you altered with admin their level to 30 while the max is 20 makes them disapear ( but I think what happens to you is what I’ll describe under )

When you place a follower as " Guardian " this becomes the new " HOME " of your thrall .

This means that if you make a guardian thrall following you , and or DIE or DISCONNECT while the thrall is following you OR if you make your thrall STOP FOLLOWING , then he will change from FOLLOWING to WANDERING .

while he is in WANDERING mode , the thrall will stay where you died/disconnected/told him to stop follow for a moment before " RETURNING HOME " !

as said before " HOME " will be the last place you set him down in “GUARDIAN” mode


No i meant lvl 20. I was just so mad i couldn’t remember wtf i was doing as it took forever to get this thrall to lvl 20 and it took me almost 3 entire days.

Thanks for the follower list but i knew that already.
However the Thrall was exactly in my base guarding stuff. But i could not find said thrall even when i stood exactly on the spot on the map. Mind you this is infront of my house where i placed it. So after wandering around 10 minutes around my house and going inside and outside of it trying to figure out if the thrall was simply glitching trough something that wasn’t there (because as i said in front of my house) the thrall vanished from my follower list including all that was equipped on it.

Now some ppl don’t mind in single player they simply go admin mode and repeat. But i DO MIND! Not only did it take me days to farm all of that no it vanished without me getting it back or something. And after cheating it once to not grind again i had to cheat 4 more times and it still vanished.

I tried now with different thralls and non of them just evaporates into thin air. So i assume it is either the tier 4 thrall that i snatched with luck or the equipment. Not sure what exactly the issue is but atm im trying to find starmetal which never ever seems to drop. Cheated it to at least craft something with it. Only to find out that it is inferior to other stuff. Not that i mind.

But the fact that this black heart thing only drops when i kill the boss was hard enough. Losing the entire armor and a sword with it just makes me mad.

But thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Sometimes there is indeed a glitch/bug where the thrall will fall inside a fundation that you placed him on or under the ground terrain mesh where you placed him ( I always watch the feet of the thralls I put in guardian mode , and if they ever " clip in the texture " i replace them again ) . you can either as you play in solo ( put yourself in ghost mode to go underneath the mesh or inside the fundation , or use the rescue feature ( warning the inventory and equipement of the thrall will be lost ) of the follower tab to teleport the thrall back to you .

Starmetal can be a problem for solo players because of the render distance and the way it is supposed to spawn on a server ( aka every 45 min the server checks if there is nodes , and if not there is a 20% chance of a meteor shower , if there isn’t the next time the server checks if there is starmetal nodes it will have a 40% chance of a meteor shower /ect… ( numbers aren’t 100% accurate but you get the idea ) , and since when you quit the game , as a solo player , the server does not continue to run the timmers , plus you have to be in the render distance in solo for it to occur which means standing in the area for at least 4 hours to get a shower ( if you are unlucky ) .

I understand the frustration nontheless of having to monitor this kind of things and having to use the admin panel in those cases :pensive:

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