Siptah bugs I've found

Game mode: * Online private*
Type of issue: bug
Server type: * PvE*
Region: *EU *
Hardware: *PS4

Bug Description:

  1. Turn up in a location and you get damaged by invisible enemies that take 20 seconds to become visible.

  2. Enemies walk past you and keep going even though they are causing you damage.

  3. Two locations on the map aren’t activating for me.
    *watchtower South East of the tower
    *glowing cavern on the south west island near the obsidian forge

  4. Enemies die, disappear, then explode 5 seconds later

  5. Enemies disappear entirely after being killed

  6. Elder vault chests are occasionally empty at the end after the boss

  7. Sound and vision are out of whack. Do something and then the sound occurs 5 seconds later.

  8. Convergence trap not working. Placed before storm with decaying eldarium in. Pressed play when storm started. Nothing happened. Placed during storm, still nothing. Same issue for friends on the server

  9. Run into a camp and obstacles, furniture and such like take a good 10 seconds to appear

I am really enjoying siptah after a very long wait. Hopefully you can resolve these issues soon as I am trying to encourage more friends to get the game but with all these small bugs, it’s putting people off

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My friend installed siptah this afternoon on his ps5. He watched my livestream and said his rendering rate was far worse. The FPS isn’t good enough and we both had to stand outside my base and wait for it to render in bench by bench.

This was his first impression of the game
I’m not sure he’s coming back on

I was very hyped for Siptha but now After 2 weeks of Bugs, invisible Enemies, and a answer from the Funcom Support i lose my intressed to Play and Support this Bug Game. Every “GOOD” Publisher relase a Patch after 3 days when a Game have Problems. But not Funcom. They dont care about bugs and this laggy Thing called Siptha. They got your Money and do nothing !! Same thing with their Support. Thats a Big Joke. Everybody who have Problems with Siptha call the Sony Support als get your Money back. Is the best thing that you can do.

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They really are taking too long to fix the problems and not giving any updates on how they are fixing. I really regret buying this game and thank god I didn’t bought the DLC. But I still wasted my money and it is really frustrating.
I really don’t care about nudity or twitch drops(nothing against people who consider this the priority). I just wanted to have the base game experience without so many problems.

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I have now discovered the Glowing Cavern location. It’s just the watchtower to the SE of the main, central tower that won’t activate.

Siptahs journal #9 is invisible
Prompt appears on screen but nothing on the floor

These are the last two journey steps I have

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