Siptah Isle not working in Geforce Now

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In gforce now the DLC appears in the steam client, but not in the funcom launcher, anyway to fix this?
Rented a server with my partner to make an story conan week, she plays in Gforce now and we noticed she couldn’t build anything from siptah,neither join any server with the map, they don’t even appear in the server browser.

Have a nice day reader.

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Greetings Exile,

We are currently investigating this issue. In the meantime can you let us know if you are still experiencing this issue?

Hello Dana, sorry for replying late.
The issue is not fixed.

Hi, I have the exact same issue. Bought the Complete Edition for Steam. I have all DLC’s in my Steam Library, including Isle of Siptah. But when I run the game from GeForce Now it shows that I still need to buy Isle of Siptah DLC. The rest are unlocked as they should be. I also tested this on my laptop and if I run the game on my laptop all DLC’s work just fine. So it is 100% a GFN problem.

There is a work around, minimise the funcom launcher, right click Conan Exiles in Steam > Properties > DLC > Tick Siptah.
Close launcher and quickly run Conan Exiles again from steam to ensure that the session doesnt end.

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FUNCOM i have the exact same issue, if I play directly in my computer i can run all dlcs with no problems. But with Geforcenow Siptha is not showing and sends me again to purchase page

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I have the same problem as the previous post but I have a couple of months with the problem, Funcom help please!

Sadly it did not worked, Nvidia patched it removing writting privileges to steam

Hello Dana, from GFN customer support they told me they didn’t have the rights to use the dlcs. I do not know if it is some kind of NDA that avoid you from talking about that. It could be possible to get a reply if it wont be ever avaible?

is there any update here? i cant play ise of siptah on geforce now either

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Not working for me either kinda upset. I have conan on ps4 and rebought justbto play on pc :pensive:

No, It didn’t work either for me on geforcenow. I bought the complete edition but Siptah isn’t working. Steam says I have it, but the game says not. Please, some help here?


Just tested and, same for me. In GeForce Now, Steam says IoS is bought but the Funcom lancher says it’s not and I cannot join any IoS server once logged in.

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Same here fellow exiles, i own all dlcs on PC and i can play siptah with no problem on my gaming rig, but geforce now doesn’t recognize that i own siptah, besides not being able to launch the map i cannot use any of the siptah content on exiled lands either… It’s like I don’t own that dlc when it’s clearly not the case as it is showing on my steam library…

Hope funcom can fix this, it is a REAL problem to pay for something just to the discover that you cannot use it on a supported platform, this simply shouldn’t happen under any circumstance.

Hi, i got it working using the mentioned workaround.
Just start Conan Exile within GFN, right click Conan Exiles in Steam > Properties > DLC > Tick Siptah.
Wait for steam to download it. After this you can click on play to start the funcom launcher, here you are, isle of siptah is available.