Siptah - Mainland Decisions (Probably spoilers in answers)

So I did a search for things like compatibility and resets and didn’t find anything, so I do apologize if this has been asked, especially numerous times. I also SOMEHOW apparently don’t have a forum account, so this is my first post, so I apologize if I’m doing it wrong.

I play on a private server with friends. We’re PvE and are a bunch of city-builders, so it’s kinda Minecraftish. We had about 500 hours each when we stopped a year and change ago.

We all got Siptah and the new island seems fun, and we don’t mind starting over, but…

Since Siptah is in Early Access, we’re uncertain about it, so here are a few questions.

1)What are the chances of our Siptah server having to reset once it comes out of EA
2)Same question if we decide to start over on the main land.
3)Do we need two servers if we end up doing both?
4)Can someone just give me the short version of how Siptah is related to the main land? I’m the decision-maker for our group so I don’t mind having the connection spoilered. I don’t want to make the wrong decision and have everyone else suffer as a result.
5)We’re LEANING towards “just play on the main land til Siptah comes out of EA, then add it”… is that advisable?

As always, thanks everyone.

    1. The Devs already said there will be no server wipes on release.
    1. See above.
  1. Currently, yes. Two servers, two maps, two different characters. The Devs are investigating the possibility of server transfers.
  2. Short version: yes. Long version: explore and discover the clues left on the island.
  3. Its up to you, but Siptah has volumetric lighting that’s not available on the main Exiled Lands. There’s also more monster variety on Siptah. Siptah also has more diversified resources. But its your call.

You seriously need an award on quality answering. Mad respect!

We have a few new players, so honestly playing the main land isn’t a bad thing. We played up til about early spring 2019 when I lost like 80 thralls, and I got more than a bit discouraged (and then went to play other stuff like Subnautica), so it’s been long enough that I wouldn’t mind redoing/rediscovering everything.

The “two characters” thing is a bit eyebrow-raising, but even if they don’t do transfers, I’m sure we could role-play something where, for example, we admin duplicates of our characters into Siptah and play as if we escaped and got shipwrecked or something.

When a spawn tornado thingy (forget the term) appeared immediately above where I was standing and I looked up… I honestly thought that it was a portal to the other world somehow, because it definitely LOOKED like some of the desert terrain on the old map.

Thanks for the quick and thorough reply!

And you were right, it IS a portal but it works in 1 direction only - from the Exile Lands to the Isle of Siptah. Maybe this will change some day.

I’d advise all the new players to begin wit the vanilla game. It would be rather difficult to understand many things without good knowledge of the vanilla. You’ll find enjoyment in the Exiled Lands as well, because vanilla game changed a lot with the Thrall and Mount updates. Lore is the same but mechanics are new.

Yes to everything Bodin said (with the possible exception that I’d argue chance of a server wipe is always greater than zero, but that’s nitpicking).
Without going into spoilers - there is a way to ‘escape’ the exiled lands, and the intro for Siptah is a shipwreck on the way ‘to’ the exiled lands - so for your RP solution, you’d basically have to ignore a single word :slight_smile: (Well, and the fact that you’d have lost all your levels - but by then you’ll be more experienced, so starting over might be fun.)

I’d also agree with Ko6ka that it’s always good to start in the Exiled Lands - I feel like it’s more complete at this stage and maybe Siptah won’t yet have the same depth or balancing. There’s tons to do there (over 800 hours on my first playthrough and I still didn’t do everything :slight_smile: ).

One caution I will offer - IMO Conan Exiles is not very good at explaining how to do things or what you should be doing. The wiki is your friend and can provide a lot of the information you’re seeking. But even then you may find stages where you just don’t know what to do - I feel like a lot of players end up stopping because they get to higher levels and wind up feeling that aside from wandering around looking for fights they don’t know how to advance further. (Though I do feel the RP mindset has an advantage here, both in making your own fun and in the tendency to actually pay attention to the lore as you find it - which can at least provide hints if not guidance.) If you ever find that your game is starting to feel like that, I’d suggest either checking out some youtube videos to see how other people get through it, or sticking a question in the players helping players section - there’s bound to be people happy to tell you anything you want to know :slight_smile:

One last tip I’ve seen new players surprised by - CE isn’t really a game where you race up to level 60 and then you’re done - it’s more of a race up to level 60 and then you really get going…

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