Skeeters Nest Pippi PvE

Server IP -
Location - Dallas, TX - Survival Servers
20 Slots (more will be added if needed) - Max Clan 5
Daily restarts 6AM ET

Old retired guy here, decided to rent a server. It will stay up as long as it’s active or until I die, whichever comes first. Ran vanilla PvE for a few days before trying the excellent Pippi user and server management mod.

So now it’s PvE with Pippi. New players welcomed and encouraged. You’ll get a welcome kit with a few items to help you get started and the slim chance at a rare high level sword. Stop by, check it out, stay as long as you like.

Now with Discord, feel free to suggest any changes you’d like to see…

Vanilla PvE settings are back as I removed the Pippi mod on request. So you’ll have to load the game, turn the mod off, and restart before you can connect to the server. This was the only change, no wipe, your characters are safe.

Plenty of room for new players to begin their journey. :grinning: