Skeleton Keys Not Dropping

Game mode: [Online | Multiplayer]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [Unofficial Server]

[Skeleton Key are not dropping when harvesting from world bosses. Is anyone else having the same issue?]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Kill world boss
2.Harvest with skinning knife, cleaver, hatchet, or pick
3.No Skeleton Keys are generated

Does your private server has mods installed? It used to be a case in the past, where a mod would prevent you from harvesting “special” stuff… like the ones you get on first hit, like skeleton keys, quest items, etc.

It has been some months since I last heard of this, though… and I don’t remember the mod that caused, but I could try to track the thread on Steam forums and see if I can find it… all I can remember is that it was one of thos boss health mods, that turns down the HP for bosses.

No mods on the server, and were dropping. Seems so random. It’s also wiped week ago.

I’ve only fought one boss (demon spider from the island out east, if it matters); I use a mod that reduces boss monster HP, and I got a skeleton key. Perhaps it makes a difference which hp-reduction mod you use?

Nah… they are good now… it was one particular mod at that time (several months ago) that caused it and it was probably because some other mod’s interaction, I’d bet.

I’ve used at least 4 of them over different times until I settled with one I like and never had that problem myself.

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Skeleton keys drop fine for me on official server. I mainly kill rockslide, boss scorp and boss croc.

should not.

But if you add a mod to level higher than lvl 60, you may not be able to open the chest, because the chests are set to max level. So you will need an other mod to open the chest if you want so.


what are you using to harvest?

I usually use pick or hatchet.