Skeletons in the Dregs. You are kidding right?

The change to the Skeletons in the Dregs to uninterruptible, unstunable, unbleedable, attack spam machines with a bunch more health so that on level gear in solo (I usually do it around level 30-35 player groups do it at much lower levels) will result in rage.

Some of the changes recently are nuts on test live This one is so weird. Sure I can just run past but half the fun is to actually kill them. Now it is just Run past because they drop nothing and fighting them is just a needless time sync.


Hey there @Kaziklu

Balance changes in Testlive are not definitive and we’re listening to our community feedback and adjusting accordingly (for instance, internally the skeletons are now roughly at 50% of their current Testlive hitpoints). However, the skeletons in the Dregs are intended to be tackled by a group of players of level 30 to 35, so it is understandable that they are a bit tough when done solo at that level. :slight_smile:


50% is much more reasonable. That is good to hear. I ran it at level 50 with gear for that level. The Skeletons were annoying as they are now. In live it was a single heavy combo and they were dead. So 50% is reasonable. They don’t really hurt you at 50 that much, It is just annoying and long.

Though really a group at Level 30 to 35? in that case the lizards at the beginning really should be put back in, and 50% of what they are now is very much reasonable. If you just run pass the skeletons I can do it solo in the 20s easily.

I would recommend making the Vomit the boss does act like noxious gas down the line if it is supposed to be in the 30s. Right now it is just put up a shield walk back and forth run out of the way when it dives hit it with heavy combos rinse repeat.

Having it’s vomit create 3-4 seconds (heck go to 10) of noxious gas would cause an issue that the sandstorm mask (level 30 unlock) fixes which means for higher level players it is still a easy enough thing to do and would raise the difficulty for lower level players in a real way without doing so in a punishing way.


even with the increased slider I could still have soloed it at level 20. It is just the skeletons that you can run past. At level 35 if they are balancing it a bit more… it is fine.

I haven’t done any of the other dungeons because I’m chicken though I’m sure I could likely take on the Witch Queen, the Barrow King and maybe the Kinscourge all solo… and there is no point in doing them until you are level 60 because the learned stuff all requires level 60.

Though I will say some of the Elite creatures on test live are just a pain more than anything. The Dregs is super easy and making it a little more challenging is not a bad idea. I’d love to see a mini boss added in to the side room that is empty right now.


How about balance the fact you can knock out tamed thralls in 4-5 hits with club bypassing the fact they have 6150 hps an epic armor thats so stupid an makes them pointless. Me an a mate raided a guy with over 100 thralls just went around knocking them out some in like 2 hits, we didnt continue because i thought it was such a stupid oversight in balancing. Pass that on to the one guy in the balancing department can ya.

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On testlive? There isn’t a lot of information to go off of here, but it sounds like you are talking about the live version of the game. I would suggest creating a separate forum topic with as much information as you can describe (private server, mods, official server, etc) as this one has to do with feedback regarding Skeletons in the Dregs on the testlive branch.

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well that is totally unrelated to the nature of my post. I purely mean the Skeletons in the Dregs. That is a whole other concern. I’d really rather the thread not go into another area.

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I don’t disagree which is why I like that they are tweaking the balance. A good challenge at normal level. I always thought the Dregs was more a level 20 group level 30 solo dungeon. The regen was a lot better in EA I remember not reading the patch notes when that was changed and being very confused.

I actually push for the 3rd Vitality Perk as the regen is just so helpful in pve.

I’ve actually never done a single dungeon outside of the Dregs… of course I’ve never been level 52 either.


I like your style… You’re gonna think this is nuts, I’ve only run The Dregs once on a server. I had such a great time with my pal @Cauthey I suspect I’ll need to wait for a big-time upgrade before I go back. (I don’t like the idea of grindy skellies.) It’d be great if every so often the bonefarms dropped something rare. Thanks for the heads up!

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Sure, play the game the first time, second, third and whatever not. But after a while, and especially on testlive while testing, running all dungeon, playing the game is very time-consuming, and not still fun more. So i understand well that people rush trough by moment.

Anyway, dungeons should still remain fun, entertaining, maybe challenging, but not experiences as a simple timesink or pure hack and slash.

Can we bring followers into the Dregs among other dungeons? I’ve had issues with followers being left behind at loading screens such as the Dragonmouth.

Yes, as far as my experience. Not to say it isn’t going to bug out on occasion.


That is not what I am seeing in Test-Live. Taking out a thrall is a challenge, which I really like.

Erm, what? I didn’t make the statement to that fact, I was merely quoting the person and asking them to move their feedback to another thread since that subject didn’t have to do with the testlive environment, nor what this thread’s subject is. I’m glad its a challenge though, which is my own personal preference.

Sorry if you thought that I meant you made the statement.

I was actually just copying what you quoted from the original post to let you know that in Test-Live I did not see this happening even though another player is supposedly seeing this (most likely in the Live Server).

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