Skin tone preview

Skin tone and eye color customization came in the latest hoard, Hoard of the Third Raider. It’s not easy to observe the differences of skin tones in-game, therefore I created this preview for people to know what they get before they consider buying it. As some have already noticed, the skine tone varies from race to race, below you can click on the desired skin tone to get a preview of that tone on a female character across the four races.

The white boxes on the pictures will get fixed soon™


Aquilonian Bronze

Aquilonian Rose

Aquilonian Gold

Cimmerian Spring

Cimmerian Summer

Cimmerian Autumn

Turanian Olive

Turanian Sea-Drift

Turanian Sandstone

Khitan Topaz

Khitan Meadow

Khitan Amber

Khitan Grain

Styigan Stone

Styigan Sand

Stygian Earth