New skin tones bugged or?

Tried to use one of the Aquilonian skin colors on my Stygian demo and nothing changed? Is it supposed to be race based and it doesn’t say? is it broken? is it just my char? or what?

Seems that was a waste of 1g.

I’d love to investigate this issue further. Can you please let me know which Aquilonian Skin Tone you tried to apply?

I used the Pale Skin tone and nothing seemed to change. It may be that my character was already Pale but I couldn’t see any change.

I tried 2, Skin Tone: Aquilonian Bronze and there was another one which I don’t have anymore and can’t remember which one (it also was Aquilonian).

I have tested each of the Skin Tone Items and I believe I know what happened.

Several of these items are similar enough that, with lighting in the game, it is going to be difficult to see the difference when you don’t have them right next to each other. The Icons for the items are not large enough to do a great comparison. It is most certainly that the skin tone did change, but did not change much.

I should also note that the initial click of the item changes your skin color and you receive a dialog box asking you if you want to keep it. If you say no, you receive the item back again and your skin is unchanged. I hope this helps!

If you’d like us to investigate the items you used specifically, please type /petition in your chat bar and submit a petition. A GM can try to identify the items you used and see if they were similar to each other.

(Aquilonian gold ‘preview’)

You can’t seriously be saying they’re different, they are the exact same skin tone.


I did not, in fact, say they were. I said they were very close. In this case, It appears that the preview is lighter than the top one.

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They appear exactly the same, using a colour-picker extension on these screenshots show them basically the same RGB values. Can you or anyone who has purchased these provide screenshots that show the new skin tones compared to vanilla ones?

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I tried cimmerian, I think pale (not home to check) and there was a change in color, though very slight and I could only really tell by zooming in and previewing close up. So I guess it’s working afterall, but the changes are just barely noticeable (and in the case of the screenshots I linked I can’t see one for that particular color).

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I think I found out how these skin tone changer work:

They do not completely change the skin tone like the hair dyes do, they “mix” the skin tone with the current one.

For example: My character got dark skin as stygian, if I use a very light skin tone now (cimmerian or khitan) then it will become a mix from the dark skin tone and the light skin tone (kinda looks like the darkest khitai skin tone that you can see in the character selection screen).
I am not sure if this is intended to work like this.


So I made 2 screenshots to show what I mean with the skin tone mixing:
I bought a khitai skin tone, I don’t have the english name for it (translated it would be something like “Pasture”?)

This is before I used the item (one of the 2 darkest stygian skin tones, not sure anymore which one):

This is after I used the item:

As you can see: it somehow creates a mixture of both the dark stygian skin tone and the light “beige” khitan skin tone.

I guess if you use skin tone changer items that have only a very slight difference you wont notice it at all. I am not sure if this is intended to work like this, changing it completely would be a better idea I think since most of the items become almost irrelevant since they change almost nothing. Also, it’s kinda confusing since the description of the item doesn’t say anything about that it will mix your current skin tone with the one of the item you are using.

Can any Dev confirm that it is supposed to work like that?

EDIT: So, what I would also like to know: What happens if I use the same skin tone 2 times?
Let’s say I accept the example I used above, my character gets this new skin tone, then I use the same skin tone again, does the skin go lighter or stays the way it is at the moment? Did anyone test this out?

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I had some impression after try several skins.
It is as you NOT lose your old skin, but the new, trasparent, make again visible the old one.
If your toon is pale, you have no way to be really dark as a stygian.
If your toon is dark cannot be really pale and this is really bad would be nice if you fix it!

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I have done some test, this leads me to think that this bug is not wanted. If you use the same skin twice … nothing happens at all.
I bought two pale skins (no race), they had to make the skin white milk, cadaveric (the skin color of the Lemurians to NG). I used the first one (on a cimmerian character) and my skin has just lightened, almost imperceptibly, nothing comparable to the true pallor of the lemurians or the color of the icon itself. I used a second, identical pale skin on the same character and it happened … nothing!

Can any Dev respond on this? I mean, these items come from the item shop, people pay real money for it and it seems like these items are not working properly since half of them don’t have any noticeable effect on the skin tone, if it’s intended to work like that then please increase the intensity a bit so ALL of the skin tone changer items have a noticeable effect.

Sorry to intrude, for this is not really about the bug you’re complaining, but I didn’t know we could change the character’s color skin. I looked on the in-game store, but didn’t find anything about it. Can someone tell me how to do it? (at least in theory, because of the bug).

You get these skin changer items from the Hoard of the Third Raider that is only available on the Saga Server in the item shop.
You can also get eye color changer items from these hoards but it’s random which one you get or if you get one at all.

I did not buy the hoards, the items are not bound when picked up so you can sell them on the trader under the food section (where you basically buy all the recepies and so on).

Thanks, Force! I’ll check it out.

Each race have a different outcome when consuming the skin tone item, stygian pale is less pale compared to cimmerian pale for example. I’m currently in the process of creating a preview with all the skin tones differences between the different races.


Here is Sunstar’s Skin Tone Preview post: Skin tone preview

Looking at his pictures, and the ones posted above in this thread, it seems obvious the skin tone item is very much based on the starting skin tone as others have theorized. Comparing Evito’s Aquilonian Gold Preview, it is far darker than any of Sunstar’s previews.

And it should not be so. It seem a glitch where the new skin not overwrite the old one but is semitransparent and let you see the old skin under creating one weird mix.