Skitters cavern

Been to skitters cavern for few days still no spider boss. There is a base ontop of mountain but doubt they will delete there nice base for spider to respwn, this should spawn regardless rather irritating cant get helm.

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nope, they despawned it by building above

Can confirm, this happened on our pve c server.

The spider in my server was not spawning for several days with NO builds in the same square as the cavern! After 3 days the spider is now spawning correctly. Nothing changed in the area except for the now spawning boss.

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Is all the helm does is repair your weapon in combat. Nice little trinket, but not worth giving up other stats for. I think one of my dancers is currently “modeling” it. PS - it also looks like a chamber pot.

@Aria_of_Sorrow has pointed out a feature that has yet to be defined as exploitive or intended, but extreme temperatures (lava) will activate the ability of the helm to repair your weapon(s) (or tool(s)) but not damage the helm. Smells like unintentional exploit, but no word im aware of yet. @JJDancer

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How funny, stand in lava and repair your weapons, love it. Another reason they should have left lava alone. Catering to the nerf criers again. What next, the Dungeon Champion will be giving out cookies instead of 2 shotting you, pony rides on the black scorpion…


that spin move would be fun!

ADDED now I really want a scorpion mount that can do the tail whip

Seems legit considering the amount it repairs your weapon seems to be different depending on whether you take direct damage or temperature damage, and direct damage repairs like twice as much per tick.

I still fully expect it to be nerfed though.

They’re handing out legendary weapon repair kits like candy these days, so I see little point in nerfing a gimmick that takes more time and effort to “exploit” than going to the Unnamed city and grabbing a weapon repair kit.


So your choices are get beat on or stand in lava to repair a weapon. Or just use a Legendary repair kit, save yourself a trip to the volcano and wear and tear on your armor. Hmmm, decisions, decisions…

You know you can just make a room in a hot area, put on cold resist armor, put a heat source in the room, then just stand in there right?

No need to go anywhere. No damage to your armor. No need to farm additional bosses for more helmets once you have your first one, like you would need to do to gain additional legendary repair kits. Fighting those bosses for the repair kits is actually going to cause wear and tear on your weapons and armors while just standing in the hot or cold is not.

Decisions, decisions indeed.


I’m not so sure about that : if you consider that “direct” damage is mitigated by armor and potentialy feats, the un-mitigated damage is actually much higher than what is removed from our healt bars. Which might account for the seamingly higher repairs on ‘direct’ damages if the repair amount is based on the un-mitigated damages.

Eirther way, as you said, it ought to be changed.

I submit Shattered Springs as our one shared, almost necessary evil. Very convenient weapon heals, like going to a spa for my Axe of the Lion. :lion:

You could just craft the Godbreaker boots for the same effect.

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Yah, it is so small the amount it does, the only useful way is to do the temp trick, but that takes a lot of time to repair a legendary from near borken, I think I will go back to farming legendary repair kits.

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Not lava only. One of Youtubers advised to switch on fireplace and to drink something hot. It works as well. By the way he was healing himself with his Dancer. By the way it restores 6 durability in battle and only 3 from temperature effects. It seems that Funcom had done this on purpose.

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Don’t try to pin that one me. I do NOT think it should be changed. I just know that it will be changed based on Funcom’s track record. There is a difference.

Nerf cryer! lol j/k

Great now I have to carry around a fireplace? lol, the lengths people go to in this game to try to find glitches. Go stand in the Ice Temple naked and fix your weapon…Maybe I am the crazy one

Can’t you repair your legendaries inside your base while having a lunch IRL? They don’t break all of a sudden with their durability.

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