Skull & Bones pvp without the risk of losing everything PC

Welcome to Skull & Bones.

A PVP server with a twist.

You build your main base out of “Amunets Dungeon Assets”.These building pieces have 10 million HP.

In other words “They cant be destroyed”.

Once your main base is up ,you build castles and towers out of Vanilla and AOC materials.

This way you can challenge other players trying to raid you without losing everything.

The rewards for raiding are discussed before the attack.For example: 10.000 gold bars somewhere in the base.

We have a 10 tier ranking system wich allows for unlocking feats like:

All factions & Feats,Acces to rooms in the adminbase who give you free materials to build a new base faster,Flying so you can build much faster and better,ETC…

We have flags to mark if a base is under construction or ready to be attacked.

Come and check it out at:

Server IP & Port: Port: 29015


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Sweet it’s a shame I’m on Ps4

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Yes it is :hugs:

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