Slave with 700% buff

PS4 . Thrall buff glitch

how can we defend against this glitch of accumulating the 25% buff every hour on slave damage until it reaches over 700%? every shot kills you instantly. You can’t play this way. can you take action against these people in order to protect honest players and the game? thanks.


Look around the forum there are other posts where people are having this problem. Probably no fix for us ps4 folks until parity patch. Hopefully some thing sooner.

I thought they fixed it on pc already but the plan last check and depending on Xbox issues console would be parity updates at some point in 2.2-before 3.0

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100% real?

Its incredible .
They could just fix temporarily adding more reset of server that completely RESET the thralls’ buffs.
They don’t need a patch , but they just ignoring players on consoles rn.
Official servers are unplayable and I’m not going to wait match for parity patch !
If they can see official servers they are almost all empty.
Incredibile , reset of server before raid time or every 3 hours can be a momentary solution for the thrall glitch .
No patches required, just a set up of server’s settings!

You’re a clown aston you crash the server to blow our vault and complain about porking

Yes bro for now just work if server restart or crash …is impossible play in this way …we play like from 2 years cuz we like this game but impossible fight against this 1 tap thrall…

You also pork thralls lol
Zerefs thrall 2 tapped my sabertooth mate that’s a heavyly porked thrall that he had

on several servers you see these problems

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