Thrall 100HP fix / disable PVP

Thrall 100HP fix / disable PVP

We get it, its a bug and it happened to all games i got no problem with that. i’m in a server where everyone wait for a chance to attack now please can you tell me how i’m gonna protect my base when there are is a bug in the game that made all my thrall to 100HP with no gear and with no swords ? it least disable the PVP until the next patch released .


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Admins don’t hear players and don’t want to do it.
We already lost base on one of our servers due to this issue

This happened to me just 2 thralls both wearing warmaker armor rest are fine new ones I place are fine I have a box full not a problem but I cant move or kill the other ones. Treasure seakers transformed into performer shows them wearing armor but inventory is empty.

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