Thrall death due to bug

Game mode: [Online pvp official]
Problem: [Crash]
Region: [united states]

Hi, just wondering about what will happen with the thralls that were killed during raid time due to the issue with relic hunters. I am aware the armor is in the database and you say we won’t lose it. But what about the ones that were shot with 2 or 3 arrows and died? Are we just out of all our silent legion/god breaker stuff? Also I noticed the dead thralls didn’t appear in the event log either. Does that mean the thralls themselves are in the database? A response to this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Dead tralls stay dead , armors and weapons will be lost.

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Hello @ModestNovice, unfortunately, the thralls that have been killed will not be restored, apologies for the frustration caused.

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Juss curious, will the armor that belong to those dead thrall be restored? …

We’re only able to restore the items that are being carried by the thralls affected with this issue which are still alive.


Ok koo. Thanks for replying

The hotfix coming anysoon please?

It’s currently live on the PC and should be hitting consoles within the next week, unfortunately the patch submission process for consoles takes a few days due to platform-specific procedures.

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So in the mean time would it be possible to disable pvp and purge? On ps4 i mean

Unfortunately it won’t be possible to do such.

Thank Crom! I moved all my silent legion fighters to safety! Lost about 30 RH archers though, but they were in stygian chain gear so who cares.:joy:

My PVE-C server has a lot of relic hunters… so I’m so glad to hear the armor is restorable. Especially after what I lost from the ‘mudslide’ incident.

Please, no… That is a world I don’t want to live in!

Just think of this as industrial action invoked by the Relic Hunters. I’m sure they will return to work soon.


General motors Corp strike?


:joy: Let’s hope the Relic Hunters are slightly more enthusiastic about their return.

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Thank you for the response. It sucks slightly but we have already farmed up the relic hunters we lost and replaced them with volcano thralls. It is unfortunate that the only way we were able to be hit was due to a bug.

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Definitely an interesting idea :joy::joy::joy:

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