Slaves NOT ATTACKING after changing their weapons

Game mode: (Online official)
Type of issue: [Bug | Performance]
Server type: [Enter one of the following: PvP]
Region: [South America - 1986]

Again, this hell of an bug…

our slave Warriors (humans) are NOT attacking in big part of the time, specially when you change his weapon


  1. Send your slave to follow you;

  2. Change his weapon, before or after sending him follow, whatever, i tested, also i tested with more than one weapon, tested also taking out his weapon, and many other things, the bug keeps persisting…

  3. go Fight , you will see that the slave follows you teleporting, walking just a little bit, and he comes close to the enemys but he doesnt attacks

OBS: also… there are ANOTHER DETAIL i need to say,

the Bugs starts not just changing any weapon, what im not sure of… BUT PUTTING that CLUB TO PUNCH SLAVES to the ground on your slave, it BUGS !!


I see alot of players buying the game and playing just a little bit because of the bugs and servers crashes in those useless unprepared Free-weekends…


This is very very annoying. Also if u are going to farm savanna, thrall latency is horrible and u need to get hit bz each enemy to make your thrall start attacking.
So annoying, horrible, game breaking.

Their aggro system has always worked like this, by design. For a thrall to switch modes and start attacking, you need to take damage (not just be attacked; if you block with a shield, they just stand there until you take some kind of damage). After they become aggressive, then they’ll look for targets in the immediate area.

no no, you are not believing the problem, I GOT HIT AND IT DIDNT SOLVES THE PROBLEM

OBS: also… there are ANOTHER DETAIL i need to say,

the Bugs starts not just changing any weapon, what im not sure of… BUT PUTTING that CLUB TO PUNCH SLAVES to the ground on your slave, it BUGS !!

The problem seems to triggered by swapping in any one handed weapon (not just a truncheon) for a two-handed, and vice versa.

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There seem to be several triggers to this very old bug and Megatron is spot on. Thralls are becoming a very important part of the game and it causes quite a bit of frustration. The following is what I do to counter it most of the time. There are other workarounds, but this seems easiest to me.

Good luck !



I get this issue with certain weapons. 2 Handed Dragonbone Sword, 2 Handed Hammers make them slow to engage, and Daggers keep them in a indefinite back roll. Any 2 handed Sword other than the Dragonbone one is the best and the do well with the new Great Axe as well. Certain Thralls also do better with the weapon you found them with sometimes. A good example of this is Danellisa Snowhunter in the Mounds of the Dead. She did better with a one handed sword. The same can be said of Beastmaster Temos outside Buccaneers Bay. Give him a spear.

Nope, the aggro system works that way only on officials.

Try and use lockon to target, me and friends noticed that when we lock on to targets thralls are more responsive to fights, and we don’t understand if it’s a coincidence or not.

Hello @Hellbell, thank you for sharing your findings with us, we’ll be sure to relay them to the team as this issue is being looked into.

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This issue has been on the Trello since NOVEMBER OF 2018! Over a year!

The note in the Trello has been, and still is, “QA is unable to reproduce. Original report is from August. May be fixed already?”

It is mind boggling to me that so many of us (I also reported this problem many moons ago) are able to create this problem AT WILL. With Step-By-Step instructions on how to ‘create’ the problem and Step-By-Step instructions on work-around to un-stick Thralls…

…yet in over a year QA has not attempted to follow those instructions? Sorry, Hugo, I know it’s hard, but this is unbelievable to me. I won’t speak in exaggerated hyperbole like some, but this is a significant problem that affects virtually everyone in the game, particularly now that Thralls have evolved in to what we have now.

Can this please get moved out of the “In Development” and “maybe already fixed?” pile in to the High Priority pile? Isn’t this more game-affecting than current For Priority issues like blood being on pets after their damage is healed, or the position of dead enemy bodies?

After having been around forever, it’s about time it gets the appropriate level of attention!


Unfortunately Trello is not fully updated, we’ll be sure to get into that as soon as possible.

Regarding this specific issue, it’s registered internally with the highest priority at this time together with data from several reports, and has not been dismissed in any way.


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