Sluggish AI - 04.04.2020

Single player - no mods
Testlive - 04.04.2020

Attack distance - 10m
Chase distance - 10m
Behavior - attack all
Prioritize melee

When fighting a several enemies at once. Follower feels more sluggish and reluctant to engage. Follower behaves like it is trying to engage a target outside its reach in a group of enemies, but unable to close the distance.

Follower will make poor targeting decisions like try to fight the dancers through the wall outside Conan’s bar rather than fight enemies peppering them with arrows in their direct line of sight.

Speculating/suggesting - that this could be remedied by forcing the Follower to prioritize fighting what is within reach of its weapon or closest target when set to melee.


Hi @Exiled1, can you confirm whether the follower who exhibits this behavior is standing guard or following you?

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The behavior described is similar to:

but on the other side of the map.

Please note in the reference post it was experienced in both guard and follow stance.



This was a Follower. Set to follow me pulling 3 or 4 enemy npcs at a time in Sepermeru

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