Smelter In SInner's Refuge

Okay it was nice to see the new dancer in Sinners Refuge. But lord there are enough dancers out there. We need a new smelter, So have a new Smelter show up on the Sinners Refuge. Thanks

All the NPCs in sinner’s refuge are the Chosen of Asura, which are community members turned into thralls. If we get a smelter in there, it would have to be a future player deciding to make their thrall into one.

I believe that there is a high chance that a Chosen of Asura will spawn in place of a Mitra priest.
Rest of the NPCs are “regular”. But there is also a good chance for a t4 crafter or fighter from those “regular” NPCs.

Please check the bottom of possible spawn points in the link above. I did get one in Sinners Refuge.

Sidenote: As I recall there was at least one thread where people were discussing that Sinners Refuge is too easy to get T4 NPCs (not only Chosen ones).

Last I checked, roughly 95% chance for a chosen of asura, and the remaining 5% is split between many, many different thralls; not just mitra priests.

I do not doubt your statistics, you obviously have the numbers, I do not.
I apologize if I made a wrong impression with my statement.

But in this case we are talking about one single spawn point at the end of the big cave. Originally it was A Mitra priest (often), later Chosen ones and so forth.

The T4s I am mentioning are spawning in places at the beginning of the big cave.

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