Chosen of Asura thrall locations?

So where are all the Chosen Of Asura Thralls located? I found a few in the Sinners Refuge cave but not all. Are they located elsewhere that I don’t know about?

Sinners Refuge and can also be found in their own Purge. Other than that, that’s it.


It’s all of a random. Once I’ve got lots of Mikeys another time there were Multiguns all over the place :smile: but at last you’ll get them all.

Good luck catching me, we elves are so sneaky that some people think we don’t exist!

/me bludgeons the SpawnDataTable into submission then feeds its bloody carcass to the giant croc



There is a mitra altar outside the entrance to the arena (where you learn dragon weapons), I found mine there, happen several times, in what appeared

Yes, the Chosen of Asura who are priests will spawn at Mitra’s Serenity, but for all other Chosen of Asura, @Multigun is correct. They will appear in Sinner’s Refuge, or if you are fortunate, a Chosen of Asura purge attack on your base.

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Pretty sure I have you >.>


Hey, no sneaking into Alis’ bedroom!


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