The Chosen of Asura

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Misc]
Region: [Sinners’s Refuge]

i have been faming the light armor of aura for a few days and i am only missing the chestpiece. but for the last week the asura npc did not spawn anymore. i waited for him to spawn and i came back to that cave very often but he is not there, all the other npcs in the cave do spawn. is that a bug oder is that npc deleted from game…?
i am playing on official server #2004 on xbox

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. going into the cave sinner’s refuge

Still there. Hasn’t been removed. Chosen of Asura’s, while weighted highly to spawn currently, aren’t a 100% guarantee either.

Well there was a problem before if somebody builds a base above the back part of the cave all the NPCs in the back part of the cave would not spawn so climb on top of the mountain and go to where you think would be top part of the cave and see if someone built something there … hope this helps


i will go look there tomorrow but both npcs which are standing in the back of the cave are still spawning, only the asura does not spawn, and as far as i remember he spawns in the middle of the other ones

Doesn’t hurt to look but it’s either a chosen of Asura or a priest spawns so don’t expect a Chosen of Asura to always spawn

Hey there,

This is intended.

Some places may have glitchy spawning spots. If there is nothing spawning in the spot at all, it might be that it spawned under the mesh for some reason. (Try hitting the ground and seeing if something pops up anywhere. I’m afraid nothing will, but just in case)

Also, if you are german, feel free to leave the original german text as a backup. You do speak english fluently though.

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well there was no original german text xD didnt want to write it twice , and yes i am german. there was indeed a building over the cave. i bit far away but it was the reason for the npc not to spawn… dont know why the npcs next to the asura did spawn but i dont care anymore, asura is back xD thanks everyone :wink:


Yes further back somewhere up top between the entrance of the cave and the summoning place … that problem existed since EA wasn’t sure if funcom fixed that problem by now but I guess they didn’t but glad to help

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