Smoke Demon Boss

The Smoke Demon Boss in the wine cellar dungeon cannot be harvested for any resources. Is this intended?

Not tried this dungeon but the name “Smoke demon” seems to me like you would need a jar to capture resources? Maybe there is some trick or maybe it is a bug. No answer from Ignasis makes me wonder if this is a mystery we need to discover.

If you spawn the smoke demon through the admin panel, it does not appear. You can hear it walking around but it is invisible. I have tried this both at my base and in the wine cellar dungeon and he is invisible in both instances.

You can fight him while invisible, if you can find him. :wink:

He can only be summoned once per hour on PS4 official.

I feel kinda sorry for you. You tested in testlive pointed out errors and yet they are still in the game???

Why even bother with testlive?

@Hugo ???

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