Thag - Smoke Demon - Won't Function Correctly in singleplayer/servers with certain mods

Game mode: Online Private Roleplay Server
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: EU

A recurring issue ever since the Wine Cellar Dungeon has been released. The final Boss, Thag(which is a funny name I might add), will spawn after all bonfires are lit—but will not attack the player. His phases won’t activate when his health lowers below their tresholds, and that’s about it.

In my brief experimentations I’ve found out that the Mod that is the culprit for this issue is a very, very common Mod in roleplay servers : Exiles Extreme.

I’ve compiled a brief video demonstration where you can see for yourself. First: the Boss Fight with only the mod Exiles Extreme loaded. The second: with various other common Mods. If any developers would like to view it, feel free to message me, and I’ll provide you with a youtube link. The video is unlisted, for privacy reasons.

I’ve attempted to recreate this occurrance several times, and it’s always happened consistently. I hope this helps. Take care, if you’re still reading this! o/


Denovean, sorry you are having this problem, but there’s not anything Funcom can do about it since the code belongs to the modder.

May I suggest you find out who the modder is and locate his/her Discord and post the above there? I am sure they would appreciate your efforts; modders are proud of their efforts (rightly so) and work hard to keep them up to date.

Good luck !




I’ll be doing that shortly! Thanks for the reminder! :smiley:



Did you submit a report for this and get a responce? We’re having the same issue with EExtreme and would love to know if a fix is in the works. Good to know it’s a mod issue and not a more serious game issue.

We can’t deal without flower crowns in our server haha

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