We have a Thag problem

On a privately rented server, my friend and I built an arena on Isle of Siptah and were testing out various bosses against other contestants (NPCs). No big deal, right?
We learned who were allies and who were foes.
So, we were attempting to find out who or what might be our “arena champion”.
Well, we got one alright and this one has turned into quite a problem.
You know who “Thag” is, right?
He’s the cellar boss at the end of the dungeon in the Exiled Lands (under normal circumstances). He’s summoned by lighting the ring of fires.

But here is the problem:
We summoned him alright without realizing at first who it was (via admin selection) and no less on the Isle of Siptah as if that place wasn’t bad enough with it’s own bosses.
If that isn’t bad enough, we could hear giant footsteps wondering around inside the arena and we still couldn’t see anything. Anything we put in there was killed in short order. Then we began to realize Thag is INVISIBLE and cannot be harmed by anything, but he can sure kill anything that gets into the arena with him.

We don’t think it’s such a great idea to have an invisible arena champion who seems invincible and invulnerable for all practical purposes. With the arena being so close to our nice Storm Glass Castle, it seems a particularly hazardous proposition. Especially where it concerns the safety of all our pets, servants and guards.
Purges and surges we can handle. But an invisible Thag on the loose is probably one of the most terrifying things imaginable.

I’ve tried in vain to find any information on how to deal with this particular situation we’ve found ourselves in. So, that’s why I’ve come here to humbly ask …
Is there any way we can remove Thag or make him visible?

We would appreciate some advice.
(fearing of course what might be our only course of action by recalling an earlier session save for our server).


You summon him via admin panel? Not on my pc but there used to be a button to kill all spawned stuff or try restarting the server.


Thag was the result of a selection in the admin panel.
I’ll certainly give the restart option a try.

Or you could try bug bombs. (gas orbs) :stuck_out_tongue:

Not sure they actually work on him, but hey, could be fun to try anyway.

Shift del while pointing at his invisible self would kill him. I would think just a server restart would remove him too.

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We tried all kinds of bombs. Since he’s invisible, he doesn’t trigger them. lol.
We managed to stick a few arrows in his legs (since we could at least see our arrows).

There is an button at the bottom of the spawn panel that says ‘Kill All Spawned NPCs’. If that doesn’t work, you can spawn in a dozen dalinsias to kill him, AI should be able to see Thag even though you can’t.



I’ll take a closer look at that panel.
Thank you.

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@Narelle and @DaVice
Thank both of you most kindly for those suggestions.
Both of those options worked.
I restarted the server first and then checked to make sure our nemesis had gone.
I then used the admin panel to spawn Thag in again. Same as before, Thag was invisible. Then I used the Kill All Spawned NPCs button at the bottom of the panel as per your suggestion. That also worked.

Since I couldn’t get an eyeball on him, I couldn’t use the “Shift Del” option.
But I appreciate your suggestion.


Isn’t Thag invisible because he isn’t supposed to be tamed to become a thrall ? If you can’t see him, you can use a truncheon on him.

This, you have this command and everything you spawn you can instantly kill from your admin panel as well!

Thag and the Abyssal Remnant have issues when spawned outside their normal means. They have specific mechanics that require specific areas. This is why both bosses are not on Siptah.

Once I tried to summon Thag via a Pippi NPC Spawner in Exiled Lands, he worked as normal until he did one of his phases. In which he disappeared without a trace. Well he didn’t disappear or despawn, instead it teleported to his normal location. Making two Thags there.

Outside of Exiled Lands who knows what could happen?


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