Smoking Chimneys for Buildings

Hello Exile Coders

Can you please add chimneys that have options for smoke on or off please? Perhaps they can connect to the existing fireplaces?

I feel the one thing missing from my little house is a nice smoking chimney…!


In the meantime… The little pink insence burner item we can make releases smoke. Putting 2 of them on top of a chimney build gives a pretty good illusion.


I also use them inside fountains so that it seems I have something jacuzzi like…
Oh, the things we do to justify unclothing gorgeous thralls… :man_facepalming: (like building a whole base on witcheye lake, far from nearly everything, where the temperature is hot and you can even have your thralls swimming if you place them right. Fantastic place for a RP base, let me just say.)