Snapable stations

I know i am not alone in the frustration of trying to line up a station (or other object) to be flush against a wall.

It would be an excellent feature to have a snap option to toggle off/on for when we want something to just snap to a wall segment. Just like we can use R to toggle terrain alignment.

Edit: I am seeking a no-mod QoL. Official servers do not use mods, and we enjoy playing on those.


okay I’m not suggesting using the mod that does this; I’m just going to point out how it works. One mod allows snapable workstations, but last time I used it, there were alternate recipes to create them, suggesting it wasn’t obvious how to simply make them snap vs not snap (and I think it has to do with whether it has build sockets or not and I don’t think they can just be turned off… but who knows). So while I like them to not snap personally, having it toggleable would be interesting for QoL but it may be more difficult than it seems to implement… not sure.


I was thinking that too. There’s also the issue of walls having different thicknesses, enough that snapping stations will have a gap on some walls and be inside others.

Though wall mountable stations might work. Just wouldn’t exactly work with thralls.

Heck yea.
I agree, i wouldn’t mind an option to use a snap-to feature for setting stations along walls.
As an option though, sometimes i like to freely choose placements.
To be honest here, just about every floor placeable could use a snap-to option, something you can enable with a switch to use or not use.

That is very interesting, and I do not think that I have ever used this mod. If this is the case (that such a toggle would not be a valid option), then perhaps a better solution would be to reduce the number of workstations (IE a T1, T2 and T3 only [not multiples of T3’s, and please FFS reduce their size] ) but add a second recipe for each of the tiers for a “snappable version”? Yes, in the long run you are making more bench recipes instead of less but in actuality since they are the same benches in functionality you would not need to have both, just whichever one you wanted (either snapped flush against a wall or free flowing wherever you want it placed).

That is something to consider as well. It could be that it snaps to a certain section of the foundation (or ceiling tile) edge where it “would be” flush with the average location of where the wall would be? :thinking:

It is LBPR- additional features.

Ah, thank you. I am familiar with LBPR, but not the Additional Features mod.

Unfortunately that doesn’t help those of us on consoles, we don’t have access to a mod database.

If not a snap-to feature, then i would support the idea of fewer stations combining the recipes of redundant stations into higher tiered station recipe lists.
Example: tier 3 tables have all the tiers below 3 included in the one table.

If you want multiple tables, that should also be an option, it would not only reduce clutter it would also help with the amount of BSing around we have to do to get tables evenly and nicely placed around our bases.

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Thats why my first post was simply to illustrate that it might be wonkier to implement than it seems. I wasn’t suggesting “use the mod”.

While the present “SOC” (Smart Object Component) is one example that Funcom might not know that some stuff should not snap only, and instead have a setting or a “hold shift” type switch, it is indeed interesting to have such thing.

But in the systems design side, you dont need a component or a point to make what the OP describe as snapping, but it is actually “aligning”.

The difference being Snapping implies that the things are connected by that point, which indeed require a snapping point, and a link.

Aligning can be implemented by simply using Trigonometric Vectorial functions to do what is essentially the same as “align to the grid” but instead, align to a nearby station.

That can be triggered by some sort of tracing, or simply detecting that if you are putting something close to another “thing” holding a certain key might get them to align, and then math does the rest.

The specific case, walls, I myself find it strange that building a placeable does not implicitly “hug the hall” if you try to build it “clipping the wall” instead of just warning you it is an invalid position. Most building games do that instead.

I did not wanted to mess with game systems in my mods because it is messy work, but when thralls build in my mod, I do just that.

I don’t really want snapping stations since that would make manual placement in PVP a nightmare…well… more than it already is.

However, when I try to place my altar on a 5x5 ceiling grid, it tells me “not aligned enough with the ground” unless I rotate it 2 degrees off-center and man does that grind my gears.


I am looking for a modless QoL. We like playing on official servers, and they do not use mods.

I understand this… as all of my prior posts explain.

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There are benches that do not create 90° corner. Then again some benches have items that if they snap on the wall a part of them will go out of the wall. So i agree with @darthphysicist that a “suggestion toggle” could help. Simply snapping could create new boundaries in the building aspect and they know it, that’s why they left it be a free rotating place able.

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