[Building] A button that, when placing a structure, scrolls through every valid "snappable" option

Too often, when I’m building, there are a lot of places that the structure I’m placing can snap to.

This results in my basically waving my mouse around until the game happens to snap in the way I intend. A good percentage of the time, the game won’t snap where I want it (even though I know it’d be valid); in order to get it to, I have to build a bunch of random things (e.g. - walls) to fill up the snaps, and only then will the game snap to the place I want (as if it were buried under more “obvious” places to snap to). Then I dismantle all the superfluous stuff I built.

I think many players face this kind of thing, and that my suggestion would fix a lot of the problems: Include a function that scrolls through all current snappable places. This way, if a player is looking for a specific snap that isn’t easily mousable, it’d just be a matter of pressing a button (e.g. - Alt + Mouse Wheel).

P.S. - This same mechanic could be used for scrolling through available loots, too (e.g. - Someone falls into a Pit of Yog and wants to reclaim their corpse, but can’t select anything but the Pit. Press Alt + Mouse Wheel to scroll through available loots)


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