Frustrating build system

I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed a more frustrating build system. Often times you are prevented placing the same wall, foundation, ceiling tile, or other multiple times. It just starts spitting out invalid placement. If you place some other piece then you can come back and use the original piece in the location that gave errors.

Snap and piece orientation is often wrong or refuses to change snap points.

I would really like a way to disable snap to, like press and hold the place item button so you can manipulate the piece to any valid snap point or near a snap point without connecting to existing pieces; release the button to sent the piece.

PC probably has a workaround or mod for this. The limitations and censorship of PS4 has its own irritations.

Great game, enjoy it. I look forward to additional world controls like limiting the number of foundation pieces that can be placed, thralls placed, pets placed and the like. Would also support the blocking of players from stopping boss and resources spawns.

Thanks again for the game,

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I’m told Skyrim is worse but never having played it myself I couldn’t say. Conan Exiles is a game of needless quirks.

Since this is the first game I have ever played where you could build your own base/castle/ etc, I found it enthralling. It does have quirks and is frustrating as heck, but buying a “prefab” house-mansion etc is so yesterday.


The build system has significantly improved since early access… but that is one issue that has never gone away. Invalid placement errors. It’s odd how you can build around it, or go place another item, then suddenly it won’t give you that error any more.

Play other Games like Ark, Fallout etc. and then come back and tell this again :grin:

But seriously… i mean CE building system is not perfect and hast it‘s flaws but after you dive deeper into it you know what is possible and what not. It‘s pretty good actually.

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