Construction is absolutely horrible

PLease fix and make changes to the Building pieces. THEY ARE THE WORST of all the sandbox games i have ever played. the angled pieces won’t connect to the squares.they won’t over lap to fill gaps. some items like taming pens have to many restrictions on them they won’t place anywhere half the time…no clipping makes it almost impossible to build. GO LOOK AT VALHIEM AND ARK take notes. if you need help i know an 8 year old kid that can fix it for you, he is making his on building game in UE5.


I think Conan is one of the better building systems. Think you need some tutorials on how to build in Conan. Sounds like you are using the triangle foundations/ceiling tiles wrong.

Before you say “try…” I probably have it. :wink:


I can tell by this statement you have never played Ark.


I’m not sure Funcom’s willing to hire you, sorry. Child labour laws and all that.


I disagree that it’s the worst building system but it could definitely be better. A lot of dlc pieces won’t place for no logical reason unless you do it in a certain order, which is honestly silly.

The main problem with setting up a system like Valheim in Conan is the PvP building abuse. If Conan were purely PvE I think they could get away with a lot more versatility.


Some parts of the system need getting used to, but it’s pretty fun to learn. There’re great guides on youtube on how to build interesting bases and how to puzzle pieces together in new ways. Been playing for two years and still learn new things!


Disagree I’ve played most of them and Conan def has one of the better build systems.


Everything in CE can be absolutely horrible, with building system being an exception.

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Last time they actually tried to change building pieces was when they disabled support beams, it was like 4 years ago. Turning beams into decorations was done because they couldn’t fix them.

I didn’t play valheim but i played ark and some other games where you can build and conan exiles is for me from far THE best building game i have played and still do.

Ps: I play on Xbox one X


Between Ark and CE, CE has the best building system, Arks building system is a pita to use whereas CE is an absolute breeze to use.

if your having problems getting parts to snap, it might be due to lack of stability.


Now open your ears, mortal one!

I have no idea if you’re playing a different Conan Exile than me, and I’m not really familiar with this dinosaur banter named after a boat from the Bible. But what I do know is that Crom personally blessed building in Conan Exiles - all I have to do is compare a few videos on YouTube trying to recreate Minas Tirith with both games:

Like here and here for example.

I also know that decorating thing in Conan Exiles can be much, very much nicer. At least when I watch a few videos for comparison from Pixelcave for example:

And even when I look at my current project on an official PvE Conflict server, I realize that there are no problems with building, except for those that I primarily make myself and that I shouldn’t overdo it because I used to or later breaking the server rules if I build even bigger …

And finally! If you don’t like building on Conan Exiles or you can’t deal with it, then you can just let it be, right? Your descriptions seem to me to ultimately represent a subjective phenomenon and not an objective problem … Sorry, mortal one, but I have a bad feeling Crom will just ignore your whining.



Personally the only issue I am having is the sandstone set with the wood panel on top. When placing anything. Including beds and thralls it says something is overlapping. That is a bug for sure.

Otherwise I have never had issues…other than gates. Gates are horrid to snap.

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But this bug with gates was fixed pretty quickly. (At least for the version on the PC.)

In my experience, Conan Exiles has one of the better building sets, and the new changes to the construction menu made it even easier to find what you need. I’ve seen some pretty amazing castle and city designs that people have posted on YouTube, and have even managed to make a few decent myself. In my opinion, the versatility of the building system is one of the things that keeps me playing this game the most. Couldn’t disagree more with the original post. Most of pieces do, in fact, snap together fine. Flipping their position/facing can take some practice, and occasionally there are problems with other objects interfering with placement – but once you’ve done it a bit, it gets smoother.


Just to know … what are those games you’ve played with better building system ?
Cause for CE is actually the best on that side.

Ark, which one of the best survival building (if not the best), has a building system that is ridiculous compared to CE.

And I’ve played Valheim too: it has an interesting system with beams and pillars but it still has to improve. ATM Conan Exiles is still better. Also it sucks as a game in general.

As for CE, I’ve done amazing buildings here and never noticed the problems you’re talking about. Isn’t it possible that you’ve had enabled some mod or some options that creates these problems ?

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Horrible? Its one of the best after Satisfactory!

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“Building system” is not about building huge castles that look good on-screen. It is about robust, self explanatory and easy to use building techniques.
It is about not having to spend 5 minutes rotating Wheel of pain / Altar / Animal pens trying to find that that one degree of of 360 that will allow you to place it - despite foundation visually having more then enough square footage to accommodate the structure.
Building system is about building blocks having an actual meaning - like a roof piece stopping the rain and deterioration for all placed beneath it.
Building system is when you don’t have to take off the door to attach an elevator to a gate frame. Or take off the ceiling to be able to put a furnace underneath it.

If you actually start thinking about CE building system in that way - you will surely see it is FAR from being perfect. Not the “absolutely horrible”, but not perfect (or even good IMO). I would say it is mediocre at best.

P.S. Oh, and by the way, if you are not that familiar with sky bases - they too are only possible because of CE building system.

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Still happening to me. I still get that error. This is when you place something down for the first time by the way. If I place a thrall on the ground first and then place it on those foundations I will still get the error, however the thrall will place.

Ark has the most broken building system in the genre. You haven’t played ark abviously. Not to mention that ARk has floating bases above anything else.