Snow has arrived on Siptah

I am on an official server and today I was surprised to see snow in the valleys. Anyone else have the same experience? I play on server We just had a small update. There is no temperature change with the snow. I ran around naked with no difference in temp.

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Its mating season…thats not snow sir…

Photo shop or graphic bug. The snow is flat white…

Well I have provided the server and location of this pic, soooooooo

Not sure if I wanna see what creature makes a mess like that during mating season.


It’s a bug that came with the hotfix. Some vaults crashing too.

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The “snow” issue has been reported a few times and Funcom are aware of it.

Regarding the vault crashes, I am not having any crashes and I have replied to Dvaidp in his thread.


The hotfix has fixed my vault crashing issues too

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