SO can you guys tell me the basic lore of the game?

Im new to legends and Did not look into the lore of the classic game and was wondering what base lore is. As in what are the 3 factions working towards how were they founded.

I’d suggest going into the game as your character does – thrown into the deep end and discovering the Secret World little by little as you pick up snippets of legends.


Even as far as the in-game lore goes, the introductory recruitment videos for the playable factions aren’t all that far off. Their motivations are spelled out in an appealing and self-promoting manner, all they leave out is the details of their founding and the less-appealing details of their philosophies. Nobody is really “the good side,” they merely have different philosophies - and they all are in agreement that the situations currently going on in the secret world need to be reigned in.

Got it thanks!

I gotcha thank you!

Base lore: everything is true.

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