So glad I gave it another go

i was initially a bit frustrated, as it did not play like normal rts. i put it down for a bit, came back. i realized the economy works that way to prevent you from snowballing and making stuff to easy…i am having a blast now that i dont expect to get every tech/unit in every game. im not going to able to be safe ever, and constantly keep everything going. im genuinely enjoying the crap out of it .

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Hello @hibbidyjibbidy, thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us!

We’re happy to know that you’ve given the game another chance and have enjoyed it, we’ve been monitoring the community’s feedback and taking it into consideration for the updates that have been released since launch, addressing both issues and balancing concerns.

looove how the feats work.
probably people were just fustrated because they want to just turtle and tech up like they are used to, i dunno if there is difficulty sliders you could add to allow that. but i think most people are just used to gradually snowballing in power, not under the gun all the time (i love it now that i understand the game better)