So, how far can Archers shoot?

I Trump’d my village and built a wall around it. it’s about 5-6 squares off the ground all the way around and has fencing on all edges. So, if I put my Archers on top, would they be able to shoot people without falling off?
Or if I built a small deck about 2 squares down with fencing around it, they wouldn’t just run off the edge, right?

Not being able to shoot over/past a waist high wall is bit of a weird mechanic to me, but thanks for the reply, I was more leaning towards building small decks a little lower on the wall for them at this point, but then the question I have would be would they run back through a door to head off an enemy or do they have to have sight on them? because I haven’t done a lot with defending things as I play on a server with my friends, just trying to prepare for doing our first purges. were all fairly new at the game as well, so I appreciate the recommendation.

So, basically, Archers are either going to be full melee or full ranged, depending on their placement? I doubt I have to worry about NPCs climbing over my wall, so the fences aren’t necessary, they’re just more for the look, and I also assume the Archers then couldn’t shoot over the “wall cap” pieces either, but do the crenelations snap to ceiling pieces as well then?

Alright. thanks for the feedback.
Now a question on a different note, still aimed at purges but away from archers specifically, my server has building damage turned off, does it need turned back on for the purge to properly work? we only have it turned off so we don’t accidentally smack our buildings while being idiots. :joy:

I know before it was turned off, there were certain things we couldn’t pick back up because they were “too damaged” or something like that. I dunno, looks like I’ll just have to test it out both ways. haha. thanks again!

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I actually use Discord on a good few occasions. I’ll join up, thanks for that info, I didn’t know about the discord.

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I figured this was the better place for dev interaction in general, I enjoy being part of the communities of games I play, that’s the main reason I got Discord, for Monster Hunter.

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I absolutely love MHW. One of my favorite games created so far. And Iceborne has only increased that love.
and I’ve noticed the devs on posts here and there, seems to be more on the bugs and fixes than anything else, granted I’d like to assume they enjoy peeking at suggestions every once and awhile, whether they place their input or not.

I have archers on crenelated walls, you have to place them like directly on top of the middle of it.

They are 4 walls up and can shoot mobs, but yeah as you go up higher their line of sight gets blocked so I wouldn’t put them too high.

And their view cone gets narrowed depending on the angle. As seen in below pic (test) the three on the right were shooting right before I took the screenshot but the far left guy was not.

And just remove their melee weapon so they don’t chase after mobs. My archers have a clean path to the fight but they stay put up top.

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I’ve found putting archers on awning’s helps their shooting angle. They also won’t be able to run off the awning so you don’t risk losing them to melee.

I also use Crenelated fencing to block the path for placed thralls so they cannot run freely away from their post. You can also “cage” in a pet or a thrall using the crenelated fencing around a single foundation or ceiling tile to keep them from chasing visitors or false aggro.

Players can walk over a crenelated fence on a pathway but npc’s and thralls will not be able too.

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Thanks for the inputs guys. I’ll take those into account!

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