So the CE Edition is only available with a Steamaccount?


i’ve got one question: Is the CE Edition of Dawn of the Morninglight only availble with a Steam linked Account?
or do i misinterpret this post:

Dawn of the Morninglight Collector’s Edition can be purchased through Steam or directly from us. Please note, though, that only accounts that are linked to Steam can have the purchase applied to their account. Purchasing the Collector’s Edition does not provide a key to be redeemed on the SWL account page. If your account is not linked to Steam you won’t be able to use your purchase, and you’ll need to either convert your account to Steam to use it or request a refund from them.


I’ve not got a steam linked account but was able to buy the CE in game just fine. It was then delivered in game and all works fine.

I think that the paragraph you’re quoting only refers to buying the CE through Steam, not through the in game item store.


AWOL is correct. To bold the part of your quote that applies to you:

The rest of the paragraph is just explaining what happens if you try to buy the CE through Steam, but do not have your account linked to Steam. If your account is a regular Funcom account and you buy from Funcom, the rest of the paragraph does not apply.


I do not have a Steam Linked Account and I was able to purchase it just fine through the Game with the push of a button.