So what's new after the full release?

More islands? quests? bikini armor, hairstyles,

With the full release itself, all we know for sure is Twitch drops, Microsoft game pass, and the availability of Siptah on consoles. No word yet on anything beyond that to my knowledge.

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Nothing about maproom for siptah…the map is too big and will remain empty till they make it.

i really hope for an instance at the skullcave …

We definately need Scabbard and sheaths in a game like this


The real Conan doesnt pull his sword out of his butt :slight_smile:
And proper backpack on the horse

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Is that horse eating a loaf of bread?


LOL, who knows… sounds great.

I can call one thing that probably get added… the ability to switch server with the same character…
Really don’t care about that one, but what the heck :stuck_out_tongue:

Please no, we have a map that works with mounts finally :slight_smile:

What I hope for:

  • I wish some more focus on making the dungeons a little more exciting, some of them still are just halls with lots of mobs.
  • The tower should be a endgame dungeon you can only enter when you collect unique shards in each dungeon (right now its way to easy to get aces anyway).
  • Maybe a Northern biome?
  • The visuals inside the storm should be creepy, also the sounds of thunder apart from the spawns should be added, it should sound like you enter hell on earth (maybe heat resistance armour should be a requirrement, clothing heat/cold is kinda useless atm also on EL for the most part).

Your map ia empty mate…

That has to do with player coynt, not traveling. Siptah has resources everywhere. The only journeys are for thrilling and maybe a select few Voss fights. Vaults are scattered about for elsarium…and once you have ran all the vaults, that is all they are good for… a farming cycle.

I’m half expecting them to say that theres no space left to meaningfully expand Siptah any further and then announce a new map coming in 2022 :grin:

(Edit: Obviously I’m aware that theres plenty of empty space left on the map - before anyone tries to correct me).

It is the tail of a fox pelt that’s sitting on the horse neck.

Right i know old Nintendo games where you can see weapons on your back how hard could it be to do this.

With duct tape, anything is possible. :wink:

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The problem is which weapon shows? I can technically have 8 weapons ready on my hotwheel. They would have to redesign it for true functionality, or otherwise it is purely cosmetic if you choose, thus making it very low on add-ons list.

BUGS are coming :smiley: and maybe… after 3 years … oh no… still hope for Stygian dlc

redesign yes, i dont like the encumbrance potion either wher you can put tons of loot on your character, lets sat 100 weapons. I think i would have designed it like you can upgrade your horse with a backpack to carry a lot, and ofc maybe yourself having a backpack bag too, but you cant use all what is in your backpack while having it on you or something, only lets say 3 lethal weapons and that shows on the character for others

Just look at rust

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