So why was it decided that emotes defined what writing rp was?

I’m very curious to this thought. I’m coming from a place where RP was the term used. But it seems ‘emote’ is the new term used by a majority of gamers these days to define what rp was…

I’m also coming from a place where writing was the thing that detailed what rp was all about.

emotes where I come from are “actions commanded from code” Where RP was the actually story telling process.
So Where is the origin for the use of the word “emote” to define “rp”

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Depends on game…

LotrO, RP is simple people who role play there character in Tolkien verse.
I know people who do this in eso, havn’t met any in CE.

To me, its wide…catogory. I assume someone who is not familer with emotes in game, assume its rp thing. And not just emote thing…

I don’t RP… hardcore anyway. I’ll use pray emote in fun spots, or go afk to kitchen to make sandwich with my character sleeping on bed, or sitting in chair, or praying at beach side, lol.

Well yes we all would essentially be choosing a role for any character we use to play. And yes that would be what role-playing is.

But the thing is this, there is the difference between an rpg role, like final fantasy, were you play the role of dart in a game. aka role playing game. The kind of role playing I am talking about is different then that.

You don’t just pick a role, you create a role…to be more specific you create a life out of nothing. You give it a life, you give it meaning, you give it purpose, you bring it to an existence in a place like conan. It’s not just picking a role, and then playing what that role does.

The kind I am talking about is the kind stories are made of. The kind where something can potentially last a year or more if done right. Most stories I have been involved in, have characters lasting rarely past two weeks.


I’m not sure anyone decided emotes defined anything. They’re one way to convey information, expressions and emotions, nothing more. You can also use text chat or voice chat, or write on wall signs or use building blocks to create huge letters in the horizon to communicate. That’s what role-playing is at its core - communicating.

Who are you? What do you want? Where are you going? Who do you serve and who do you trust? Once you know your answers, you know your role. (Sometimes finding those answers can be rewarding role-playing in itself - I have a character in our current tabletop D&D campaign who has no answers to any of those questions yet.) If you’re playing with other people, interacting with them within your role, “in-character”, is what role-playing is about. You make your own story. And different ways to express yourself help with that interaction.

If you’re playing around a table, you can use facial expressions, tones of voice, hand gestures and whatever to describe how your character communicates and how he acts. If all you have is text chat, you need to describe the various emotional states, gestures, etc. in writing. That takes considerable time compared to the simultaneity of talking, waving hands and looking angry in real life. In-game emotes are one way to make communicating emotions and expressions easier without the need to write it all. Emotes are a tool for role-players, they’re not role-playing per se.

And if you’re playing single-player, you can role-play to your heart’s content, because it all happens in your head. You write your own story for yourself. That’s how I enjoy my life as an Exile.


Not to be that person, but Dart was from Legend of Dragoon, not Final Fantasy.

I myself have never heard the terms emote and RP being interchangeable, but rather that emoting is something to add to role-playing and that role-playing is well, role-playing. I see it a lot in Final Fantasy XIV, people role-playing in the chat while using emotes at the same time to add to the experience.

Short answer? A little over 30 years ago when text based RP began on bulletin boards that were dialed into on old 800baud modems. I’m not entirely sure of the format myself, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was makes action here or something similar.

Later with the advent of the web and instant messagers and chatrooms, they had the /me /em commands for emotes that would change the color. This continued into MMORPGs like Everquest and World of Warcraft where emoting would say something like ‘Nameofcharacter makes an action.’ and like earlier instant messagers and chatrooms it changed the color.

Eventually we did get premade animations in MMORPGs that required specific commands such as /sit, /dance, /cheer, ect. Other genres picked up on this so that players could express themselves in game in various ways and these also were called emotes.

Of course in the modern day we now have emoticons which is a combination of all text based smilies and emotes for text based mobile communications.

But emotes have been around for decades to show actions in RP. They probably existed in written format prior to the internet in written letters and the like even decades before what I’ve mentioned.Documentation of the word has it go as far back as 1915 as a means of showing emotion in a theatrical manner.

In regards to how Conan Exiles RP goes. That’s going to vary. From server to server, and individual to individual. I haven’t played without Pippi for nearly a year now, but I do remember the emote command in the base game being limited. It would broadcast to everyone on the server, not merely who is in the locality. Pippi fixes this.

But I’ve also seen people even with Pippi on a server, use the local chat for emotes, usually using the asterixes (*) like I showed before. Sometimes they show simple and to the point actions, and othertimes they put a god damned novel in the form of paragraphs. Others will use the R menu and show it.

But as to why people do things, you’d have to ask them. Personally I use the /emote channel in Pippi to express character actions that the R menu doesn’t cover or in conjunction. Its the way I’ve been doing RP for the last 20 years. And I usually keep it short and sweet so not to waste much time.

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OK well that’s fair enough I supposed. I guess the terminology and its use as simply evolved to encompass many aspects. In the past couple of days I’ve actually seen the word “emoted” used in reference to meaning “Posted” . So this leads me to see it as some of our words in the english language that have multiple meanings to it’s use.

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